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Made in us
Plaguebearer with a Flu

I am posting this transaction report because I still don't have the last model owed to me. HeraldofDisease has been on and posted at least once since my last communication. There are also some emails that can be posted if needed, but they are mostly just things like "where are you" and "please check your PMs"

PMs are below. I have only removed personal information but everything else is there. I tried to format for easier reading.

2013/08/06 02:55:52


Would you possibly be able to send pictures of the demon prince and forgefiend to corXXXXX@hotmail.com ? I have lots of space marines for trade.

2013/08/07 17:20:24
Pictures are sent, it's only the forgefiend though. the demon prince is gone, sorry bout that.

2013/08/08 02:20:09

The pictures look nice. I have a lot of space marines, but looking through your wants I'm not sure what I have that you'd like. I do have some professionally painted masters of the chapters, and I mean really professionally painted. I also have cash.
2013/08/08 16:04:06

What all do you have for space marines? I'm sure there's a few things I would like.


2013/08/09 02:38:06
I have rhinos, a landraider, (it's missing a headlight), DV tacticals, some terminators, painted masters of the chapters (pro painted), and miscellaneous other marines.

2013/08/09 11:25:45

If you would be ok with it I would trade the forgefiend for the land raider. since there's a bit of a price difference you would be more than welcome to pick something else if you'd like.


2013/08/10 01:25:56

Maybe the landraider and for luscious and the forgefiend? Please remember the raider is missing a headlight. I can send a picture tomorrow if you'd like

2013/08/10 15:02:56

I'm not too worried about the headlight. lol. but it sounds like a deal to me

2013/08/10 15:31:36

I'm at.
Corey Zatuchney

I'll ship early next week.

Verifying you were sending the extra bits from the forge fiend?


2013/08/10 16:08:42

Yep. Got em in a plastic baggie.

mine will be

Andrew Scott

I'll be able to send it thursday


2013/08/13 02:44:34

Hi there. I was packing up the landraider (I got it in a trade) and I wasn't thrilled with it's condition. The thing I didn't like was that the right sponson was missing the small piece on top of the sponson. (It looks like a little headlight). I was thinking a good solution would be for me to paypal you a few bucks, maybe 7 or so, to make up for it?

Tell me what you think. i always try to be very upfront with my trades and didn't notice until now.


2013/08/13 21:10:41

I would be fine with that. awfully considerate of you.


2013/08/13 21:20:07

OK. The package went out today and you should have it Thursday.

I just need a PayPal address. I'll make the payment as soon as the forgefiend arrives.


2013/08/13 21:24:55

alrighty. I'll have yours sent out thursday (Payday for me)

the adress will be


2013/08/16 01:34:35


It should have been delivered today but for some reason it's listed as still being at the sort facility in NJ. It was sent 2 day priority on Tuesday. Weird.

Were you able to ship today by any chance?


2013/08/18 23:33:45
Hi there.
It's been 2 days since you should have received the Landraider and 3 days since the day you said you'd ship. Could you confirm that it shipped and supply a tracking number?


2013/08/21 22:52:38

sorry. I've got crazy caught up and had to come to Oklahoma for some nationsal guard duty for the next week and a half. I have it with me and going to ship it tomorrow now that I have the chance. I left the bits sitting at home though. so I can ship thos ewhen I actually get back home as well. Sorry


2013/08/22 00:30:50

That's fine. I was just worried because communication suddenly stopped. I thought something might have happened to you.


2013/08/27 03:09:02

Could you please verify that the model has shipped?


2013/09/01 12:09:25

Hi there.
It's been over a week since your modified promised ship date and no model yet. You seen like a standup guy and I don't get the feeling that you're trying to screw me over or anything. That being said, a little communication goes a long way. You've posted twice since I last asked for a status and didn't return my pm.

I know life gets in the way but please let me know what's up.


2013/09/14 02:53:40

I hope everything is ok since I haven't heard from you in several weeks. I'm sorry to say but I'm going to give you until 9/16 and then I'm going to post a transaction report. I have also sent a copy of this message to your email as well.
PLEASE contact me asap and let me know what's going on.

2013/09/17 21:10:39


lady said it should be there by thursday.

2013/09/17 21:39:36

thank you


2013/09/20 03:32:46

Hi there.
The forgefiend arrived today. It was pretty beat up but I was able to repair most of it. I was a little confused to not see the Lucious the Eternal in there. There was a rhino (or most of one anyway) which wasn't part of the deal.

I guess you maybe mixed up a couple trades??


2013/09/20 16:04:37

lucius was supposed to go in there wasn't he? I knew I was forgetting something. Yeah the rhino was in the bag with the bits already and honestly I was just too lazy to pick all the pieces out.


2013/09/21 02:52:49

Could you find him and ship him please?


2013/09/25 00:18:46

Could you please verify that you have found and shipped Lucious? If you cannot find him please offer an alternative.


2013/09/26 11:08:46

I finally dug out the lucius, but I don't think i have your adress anymore. I will get it sent out when I get paid today as long as I can get your adress in time.


2013/09/26 11:43:56

Sure its
Corey Zatuchney


2013/10/01 22:53:50

Did lucius get mailed?


2013/10/13 14:33:22

It has been over two weeks since you found Lucius and were supposed to mail him. You have posted on two separate days since I last inquired about the status but you have not replied to m inquiry.

I have benn more than patient but this is now just getting rediculous.

I am giving you 5 days to give me a tracking number or I will submit a transaction report. You will also please pack him well when you ship the model.
Thank you for your cooperation.

This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 2013/10/22 17:57:02

Made in ca
Rampaging Carnifex

West Coast, Canada

I'd do a Paypal claim, and I have for less. It's funny, often times the situation gets resolved the very next day once they know that you're claiming it.

Good luck!!

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

Columbus, Oh

Is the report on HeraldofNurgle or HeraldofDisease.. title has it different than the text in your post..


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A.V.P.D.W.: W-0, L-2, T-0

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Made in us
Plaguebearer with a Flu

Oops...just once wrote the wrong name.
The original post has been corrected.
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