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Made in gb
Stonecold Gimster

I've just started up Deadzone this week.

I painted a few Plague to test colour schemes, along with a Marauder.
I've also tried out a paintscheme on a piece or 2 of scenery which can be seen in the backgrounds.

I'm not a paint perfectionist, I paint fast for tabletop quality. The joys of having an 8 year old mean that time is rather short for painting these days.
Most of the time I had this week was spent clipping and fitting the scenery together. That way I can play a decent game even if I have to use proxy figures for a short while (such as SM's for Enforcers).

I'll get some enforcers done soon if I can figure out which arms are which to glue together. lol
Marauders are taking a while because the set I bought had more flash and mould lines than miniatures. I feel I'm nearly sculpting the models myself :-(

PS: Thanks to all those in the other thread who have helped answer all my rules questions and initial problems.

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Made in gb
Stonecold Gimster

I just finished up my first Plague figures and was starting on Enforcers. I saw the colour scheme above and now I'm in two minds about what colours to do mine in. grrr. :-P

A wet bank holiday in the UK meant I finished off my Stage 1 and Stage 2 plagues.
Thank goodness my lad's got a Minecraft addiction and gave me some quiet time :-)

I did the wall the Stage 2 was leaping over to match the scenery scheme I've been painting.

Stage 1 and Stage 2's (front and back)

Full Plague Starter Set

Made in gb
Stonecold Gimster

I finally decided on the colour scheme for my Enforcers.
Loads of pics of my DZ stuff now in a thread on the Mantic forums.
I'll get round to posting them here when I get to my PC (rather than on my phone)

Had to use some Warpath parts to make the Sergeant with Energy gauntlet.

Made in gb
Stonecold Gimster

Seeing NTRabbit's Plague force inspired me to take a photo of all mine together.
They are rather rammed together for the photo shot though. :-)

2nd Plague swarm is mid way through being finished on my paint table. They are so OP. :-)

Made in gb
Stonecold Gimster

@Thraxas - That is one awesome set of paint jobs. /jealous

I still have a lonely Plague Swarm and few Enforcers to finish off, then full collections of Rebels and Marauders to do myself.
I'm not sure which to start on.

Here's my Enforcers so far (minus 4 unpainted figures)

A peacekeeper captain, sergeant, 3 troops, 2 assault troops and a sniper

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