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Denmark, Odense

Orks aside, I'm also tinkering with a Eldar Exodite army (Rural Eldar), and YOU can help me with it =)
I'm very inspired/love to steal ideas from this armyhttp://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/show...-converted-army

I've made 10-11 jetbikes. Some of them are like this, some of them a bit more scouty, and have made some with wood elf capes (not photographed) I'm thinking they are getting jetbike-bases later on.

I've made some Dire Avengers (Or guardians, I dont know/care yet) This might give you an idea of the direction its going.

But, the reason I really did all this, was to do DRAGONS!
I imagine to use the OLD high elf dragons for falcons/fireprisems/Night Spinner. Its kinda the same size and bulk. A bit more horisontal bulk, but significantly more in sillouette. They are a bit wider than the falcon chassis aswell, so I doubt I'll ever hear bullDoo-Doo about "Converting for advantage".

This is where you might offer some contemplations:
I'm thinking to do one of the following:
- Perhaps put guns directly on the dragons, perhaps in the hands of riders, or on harnes-mounts.
- Put elves with relevant guns on the base, so the guns the vehicle has are represented on the vehicle, kinda a bit like a diorama

What do you think would work the best? Do you have other awesome ideas for dragons/monsters for stand-in eldar stuff?

If you have amazing ideas or thoughts I'd be very interested in hearing them, since I'm still only in the brain-storming phase.
I don't really like the Wraithknight model, and I'm considering making a diorama-style base filled with perhaps a Lizardman carnosaur, some buildings and perhaps some Phoenix Lords, and then count-as a Wraithknight. I'd make it take up roughly as much space and skyline as the model, by adding in ruins or something. Sounds crazy? Sounds like a great idea? Sounds like gibberish?

I imagine jungle base theme, perhaps Ill be lazy and just do Micro art junglebases, or perhaps scratchbuild something myself..

I imagine using the NEW high elf dragon as Wave Serpent, and count the shooting-part of serpent shield as a ear sundering shriek/sonic boom from the dragon. I feel that makes a lot of sense, ignoring cover and everything. (i'm also inspired by helldrakes torrent flamer, and the way it can reach any place on the battlefield) Besides, I feel wurms and dragons suit Eldar/exodites very nicely.

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Made in dk
Been Around the Block

Denmark, Odense

Nothing painted yet. And I've yet to do a test model for a paint scheme.I've assembled 15 footsloggers, pretty neat.

This is a mock-up test of an idea for Wave Serpents.
I imagine adding a few leather straps aswell, so the dragon can carry 8-10 troopers, although there's only 4 passengers atm

The rider is just a place holder, I dont know what goes there yet, but it's not gonna be that guy.
Ill properly use the other back-piece, the fin-less one.
As you can see, the passengers are mock up as well,

I know that it's a bit vague, but what do you think? Could work? Crazy? Would you go bonkers if someone fielded it a s a Wave Serpent in your games?

Made in gb
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Reading, England

I wouldn't have any issue with it personally, although it is more akin in size and capacity to the falcon grav tank instead due to the number of people it can carry. You could increase the space by having some hanging on space like on the GW venom and Raider kits or it could carry the troops in its claws. It's benefit is that unlike other kits i've seen it does actually have troops on board instead of just guns. Hope that ramble is useful

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Made in dk
Been Around the Block

Denmark, Odense

Thank you for your thoughts.
I feel that I dont need to make room for 10 models, seeing how the Chimera or the Rhino would have a hard time squeezing the 10 (11?) models into it. The transport capacity is an abstractiation.(If that's a word in english, but I hope you get the gist).
That said, I'm planning to add maybe another 2 passengers, and some un-occupied leatherstraps (that will be easier to model and to find room for than actual passengers) that show where the rest of the passengers would have fit.
But, like I said, I dont feel that I MUST find space for 10 models on the dragon. It's not like the Wave Serpent looks like it would fit 10 models in its crew compartment (not if they were alive, and in one pice atleast).

What do you mean in akin in size to the grav tank? Aren't they Exactly the same hull-type (like leman russ variants), or are you seeing something I'm not? Since you're not supposed to be shooting at banners and weapons held in dynamic positions (check the BRB if in doubt), I dont really think the force-projecting rods on the "wings" of the Wave Serpent makes it much bigger.
Only thing I can think of is the turret being a little bit different, but hardly something that alters the silouette drasticly.

Please feel free to chip in, I'm interested in hearing more oppinions and possible LOS-situation problems.

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West Michigan, deep in Whitebread, USA

I have always loved the idea of using DE Cold One knights as Exodite dragon riders, especially as even if you don't want to convert them, they fit the old 2nd edition profile perfectly because they had laser lances like Shining Spears.

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The passengers on the dragon look much better than I would have envisioned. Great idea and execution!

Made in jp
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Not usually a fan of the exodite concept, but I must say you've done an admirable job.

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Looking good, I like it! Keep up the good work.
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