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Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Hey guys!

I wanted to get more feedback from my blog, so I decided to start posting on here with it in addition to the places that I usually post.

I'll be updating it with a few images on here, but not all of them. If I did, then I'd spend more time reuploading the images to various websites than I did actually painting!

My current goal is to simply paint everything I have. The blog kinda speaks for itself really... So enjoy!

First up, the beginnings of a Noise Marine squad:


[Thumb - DSC04650.JPG]
Noise Champion

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


A new warrior for the squad!


[Thumb - DSC04657.JPG]

Made in ie
Furious Raptor



[Thumb - DSC04662.JPG]

Made in us
Furious Raptor


Fall-out and Fall-en!


[Thumb - DSC04667.JPG]

[Thumb - IMAG0010.jpg]

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Made in us
Furious Raptor



[Thumb - IMAG0028.jpg]

Made in us
Furious Raptor


And we have a champion!


[Thumb - IMAG0187.jpg]

Made in ie
Furious Raptor



Noise Marine and another Fallen:

[Thumb - DSC04706.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC04701.JPG]
Noise Marine

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Made in nz
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Auckland, New Zealand

Some very nice stuff here!
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Loving this guy, very dynamic.

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Thanks Slaan and Squid! This week, we have another Fallen (That's seven models total) and something I like to call..


[Thumb - DSC04708.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC04711.JPG]
Dragon Spawn

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


First Fallen HQ is up, say hello to Thanatos!


[Thumb - DSC04719.JPG]
Thanatos, Fallen Sorceror of Nurgle

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Made in ie
Furious Raptor



Another Fallen, who has replaced some armour with the armour of his pursuers, the Dark Angels!

[Thumb - DSC04723.JPG]

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


No Fallen this week, but I've been busy:


[Thumb - DSC04731.JPG]
Night Lord

[Thumb - DSC04737.JPG]
Fallout dude

[Thumb - DSC04735.JPG]
Warp Talon work-in-progress

[Thumb - DSC04746.JPG]
Night Lord Trophy

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Just got the one dude painted for today. This blog isn't going to be regular anymore either. Also, I'm in work, so I don't have the images to upload here.


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Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Got a good few models done lately!


[Thumb - DSC04791.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC04820.JPG]
Night Lords Chosen

[Thumb - DSC04815.JPG]
Fallout Super Mutant

[Thumb - DSC04810.JPG]
Fallen Biker

[Thumb - DSC04829.JPG]
Silent Hill Monster

[Thumb - DSC04830.JPG]
Krannon The Relentless

[Thumb - DSC04801.JPG]
Work In Progress Night Lord Chosen

Made in be
Three Color Minimum

Nice work,i especially like the Noise Marines and Nurgle Sorceror.
You night lord scheme looks great,i can't wait to see the Warp Talon and Retiarius.
Where's the trident Retiarius is holding from? I recognise the wych net but i'm rather curious about that one,they look great combined

 casvalremdeikun wrote:
 grendel083 wrote:
I don't think they'll FAQ a White Dwarf...
Perhaps not, but since GW seems to subsist off sadness and pain, I can't rule it out.

 H.B.M.C. wrote:
GW's never found an opportunity they couldn't miss

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Hi Jinx!

I explain where I get all parts for each model in the comments of the blog post. That trident is a combination of a Chaos Marauder Horseman's spear tip with a Chaos Knight's lance.


See the spears on their backs? It's that spear tip, with a rectangle of green stuff, combined with this:

I must amend the blog post actually, as I think I said the spear tip was from an old Dark Elf Warrior...

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Hey guys!

I was going through the following links:

Pictorial List of Space Marines A-L

Pictorial List of Space Marines M-Z

List of Chaos Space Marine Legions and Warbands

And thought it'd be pretty cool to paint up some of these guys as traitors, or just to paint up a band of Chaos marines comprised of a random assortment of traitors.

I'd include the following because their colour schemes are pretty awesome:

-Dragon Warriors (Definitely the melta/flamer guy)
-Death Shadow (A definite contender for the role of "Stealth guy". Looks deadly.)
-Claws of Lorek (The stripes will look very interesting once done)
-Company Of Misery (A challenging paint job)
-Hakanors Reavers (They look AWESOME)
-Knights Of Blood (Also very cool)
-Skyrars Dark Wolves (Evil wolves... Very cool)
-Sons of Vengeance (Very interesting paint scheme)
-Swords of Khargoth (Just as cool as Hakanors Reavers, and I really like their fluff, even if it is only a few sentences)
-Night Killers (That bronze-to-blue gradient could look VERY nice)
-Brotherhood of Darkness
-The Reborn

There's a few others I'd consider too, but they just aren't as cool:

-Bleak Brotherhood/Apocalypse Company
-Betrayers of Pain
-The Damned Company of Lord Caustos/Night Stalkers
-Extinction Angels
-Steel Cobras
-Warriors of Mayhem (Purple would mix up the colours nicely. Other than that, I don't think much of the paint scheme.)

Traitor loyalists would include:

-Black Dragons (Loads of potential for conversions with one of these guys as a traitor)
-Hammers of Dorn, because they just sound really cool. Their pride could possibly turn at least a handful to chaos, much like how the Crimson Slaughter turned.
-Minotaurs, because I can see at least one going traitor.

There's also a loyalist chapter that I read about in the Space Marine codex that split into two, one half going completely traitor. The Doom Legion, I believed they were called. Edit: Turns out these traitor elements are now called the "Vectors of Pox"

These guys would basically be an extra squad that I could use for any army. A "Dogs of War"-style mercenary group.

I don't have many unpainted and undivided-aligned Chaos Space (Basically anything that's not wearing a resin helmet or in the last two images here), but I hope to use what I have to paint whichever ones are the most interesting.

To be honest, painting the same scheme over and over again DOES get a bit boring, so I'm looking forward to painting something new. This is the same reason I enjoy painting Chaos Spawn, as it allows you complete creative freedom.

I was also thinking that I could use some of my regular, unpainted loyalists as the chapter traitors. It'd look nice, and be kinda like a homage to how the Red Corsairs used to be painted (3.5 codex).

Has anyone ever tried something like this before?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the final squad should consist of? I definitely want to have a Dragon Warrior, Hakanor Reaver and Death Shadow in there, but the rest of the squad is fair game. I'm also not adhering to the Chaos Space Marine or Chosen entries in the Chaos Space Marine codex, as I can simply mix and match these guys up with my other units however I want, as the models colours really don't matter. Trying to kit them out based on a unit entry would stifle creativity anyway!

If anyone has any tips on painting some of these "out-there" painting schemes (Sons of Vengeance, Hakanors Reavers, etc), please let me know too.

I was also thinking of writing up a table and just rolling a dice to pick out what each models colour scheme will be, but then they'd almost all have loyalist colours ops:

So, any opinions?

Or even any suggestions on which ones to pick?

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


On that last note, the Chaos Squad has it's first member!

We also have a Chaos Spawn finished as well. The Spawn didn't take nearly as much time as the Warrior, because Spawns are easy and highlighting black trim with grey takes ages.

You can see more images here

[Thumb - DSC04855.JPG]
Dragon Warrior

[Thumb - DSC04843.JPG]
Fourth Spawn

Made in gb
Tough Traitorous Guardsman

London, England

great work, i like very much. keep on posting!

www.leadmess.com - my painting and modelling blog! 
Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Cheers DOC!

I think I'll work on my three remaining Emperor's Children next.

Made in us
Daemonic Dreadnought


Love the spawn, reminds me a bit of Dead Space

Gods? There are no gods. Merely existences, obstacles to overcome.

"And what if I told you the Wolves tried to bring a Legion to heel once before? What if that Legion sent Russ and his dogs running, too ashamed to write down their defeat in Imperial archives?" - ADB 
Made in us
Mutated Chosen Chaos Marine


Cool stuff man, looks like you are enjoying yourself.

The Undying Spawn of Shub-Niggurath

Twitter: BigFatJerkface

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Thanks folks!

I painted some Noise Marines to fill out the rest of my squad and knock something off my 2015 "to do" list.


There's something magically motivating about getting models painted... And I absolutely love it. I'll likely be tackling Clint and Beth form the Hasslefree line next, but I seriously need to get some sleeping done PRONTO! I have work in the morning!
[Thumb - DSC04874.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC04884.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC04890.JPG]

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Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Work continues on the Predator...


If anyone has any good leads on what the interior of a Predator tank looks like, please let me know! I have a few ideas myself, but nothing concrete.

[Thumb - DSC04920.JPG]
Predator Right

[Thumb - DSC04917.JPG]
Predator Left

[Thumb - DSC04911.JPG]
Loyalist Trophy

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Hey folks!

For this update, I got some testing done on Tamiya grass effect, retouched some Night Lord infantry (Not all pictured, as they're simple touch-ups), modeled up some of my Chaos Mercenary Squad a bit more and finished my Hasslefree Clint model:
[Thumb - DSC04923.JPG]
Rhino with Tamiya Grass Effect

[Thumb - DSC04927.JPG]
Night Lords Trio

[Thumb - DSC04938.JPG]
Hasslefree Clint

[Thumb - DSC04945.JPG]
Oath-Broken work-in-progress

[Thumb - DSC04949.JPG]
Brotherhood of Darkness work-in-progress

[Thumb - DSC04952.JPG]
Disciple of Destruction work-in-progress

Made in ie
Furious Raptor


Ellie (Hasslefree Beth) took SO LONG to finish!

Glad to have that model done though, since she was a quarter of all model purchases I made last year. No, I'm not kidding! I really want to get my backlog down, so stemming the flow of purchases has been necessary. I have plenty of models for the moment anyway!

See the link below for more images:

[Thumb - DSC04957.JPG]
Night Lords trio 1

[Thumb - DSC04959.JPG]
Night Lords trio 2

[Thumb - DSC04961.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC04962.JPG]
Joel And Ellie

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