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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

I hoped I would not have to do this, but I feel it is necessary. To summarize, I negotiated to purchase some confrontation miniatures from plastictrees in April. Money was sent via paypal on April 19. After some delays about possibly purchasing other things, I finally asked to just ship what I have paid for. It has been 10 days since I last had contact with the user. It does not seem like the user has posted on this site since April 30.

Here are the messages we have exchanged in chronological order:

2014/04/19 01:55:49:
Timbor wrote:Hi there,

I am interested in a couple confrontation things, namely:

- orc brutes blister
- orc raptor scouts blister

How much were you asking for these? Any estimate on shipping? I am in ******* Canada. My postal code is *****


2014/04/19 03:48:11:
plastictrees wrote:

I'd be looking for $30 with shipping included. Let me know if that works.



2014/04/19 12:03:38:
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil,

Would you take $25 shipped? Since you are in Canada, are canadian funds ok?



2014/04/19 14:17:05:
plastictrees wrote:Hey Tim,

Sure, that works. My Paypal is attached to *********
Let me know where to send them to.


2014/04/19 14:25:57:
Timbor wrote:Cool. Please send them to:


If you have the cards I would appreciate them. Paypal should be incoming shortly. I will send $26 to help cover fees.


2014/04/20 02:24:52:
plastictrees wrote:

Sure thing. I do have the cards, just have to track the sleeves down.
Going to sort through my other stuff when I pull them out. Anything else that you'd be looking for?


2014/04/22 17:19:23
Timbor wrote:Um, lets see... I would be interested in:

- confrontation goblin pirates
- confrontation goblin golborak
- confrontation orc brutes
- confrontation samurai goblins (lower priority)

Other misc warhammer stuff in case anything turns up:
- metal wood elf eternal guard (the current ones)
- current plastic ork trukks, killa kans, deff dredd, bikers, NOS or NIB
- metal bret questing knights, battle pilgrims

Sorry for the late reply... was visiting family all weekend. Let me know if you find anything else, and if not, when you get the package posted.



2014/04/27 23:50:57
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil,

Just wondering when you got those confrontation orcs posted so that I can anticipate their arrival?



2014/04/28 18:21:22
plastictrees wrote:Hey Tim,

Sorry, I thought I had replied to your last PM, I was waiting I check in with some buddies over the weekend that are sitting on a bunch of Rackham stuff to see if they wanted to unload any of the stuff on your list. They're getting back to me tonight and then I'll let you know, or send the Orcs off if they don't have anything for you.
Sorry about the crossed wires on my end.


2014/04/28 18:51:10
Timbor wrote:No worries Neil, please keep me posted.


2014/05/02 14:10:42
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil - just following up, did your friends have any other confrontation stuff to sell? If not have you put the other blisters in the mail yet?



2014/05/05 14:07:31
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil,

I have not heard back from you and it has been over 2 weeks since I sent payment for the confrontation orcs. At this point I don't think I need any other stuff and would just like to get the miniatures I have paid for. Please send them in the post and message me a tracking number once they are away.



2014/05/06 00:38:57
plastictrees wrote:Hey Tim,

Sure thing. Sorry for the wait, I'll have a number for you tomorrow.

Just to confirm:

******** (address removed)



2014/05/06 01:10:23
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil,

That's ok, stuff happens. Just wanna make sure I get those orcs though

The address you have is correct.



2014/05/12 02:01:55
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil,

It has been five days now and you have not sent me a tracking number. Have the figures been mailed yet?


2014/05/13 13:48:59
Timbor wrote:Hi Neil,

It has been a week now since you promised to send me a tracking number, and I have received nothing, which is quite disappointing. I sent you the money almost a month ago, it should not take this long to get the figures I paid for.

If I do not hear or receive anything in the next couple of days I will be posting a bad review in the trading area, and will be filing a claim with paypal.



So, as you can see, I feel I have been more than patient and punctual on my end. I find this strange as this member seems to have been a part of this community for quite some time, and has had several succesful trades. I am new to trading on dakka, but have been trading on bartertown for years under the same username - Timbor and have amassed a very high reputation which you can check. I would like to think that there has been some sort of real life delays for plastictrees, perhaps someone on here knows him personally? I would prefer not to have to file a claim against him via paypal, but I feel I have given him ample time and will do so soon if I don't hear anything soon.

Any suggestions?

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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Looks like he got delayed... I was actually late shipping something to plastictrees myself a few months ago. Although you paid on 4/19, it looks like since he was trying to find other things he intended to ship the day after his last communication, on 5/6. Hopefully he just got delayed again, and I'd be pretty sure that that's all it is.

As you paid by Paypal less than a month ago, you still have more than 2 weeks remaining to file a claim, if something has happened and he's unable to ship, should it come to that...

Plastictrees shows up as online for me, but maybe just has left his account logged in on a PC, since he hasn't posted since April 30th, as you say. If you haven't already, I'd PM him a link to this thread and I think he will respond as soon as he actually gets on... if for any reason something has happened and that isn't the case, I don't think he'd begrude you filing the Paypal claim. Hopefully all is well for him as he is usually quite active here...

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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

I did make him aware via PM of this thread, so hopefully he gets back here soon.

I have not yet filed the paypal claim since like you said there is still some time before the cutoff. That and I find it unlikely an established member would bother trying to rip someone off for just $25.

But that being said, it has been about 2.5 weeks since he said he would check with his friends and contact has been sporadic at best since then. In a transaction between strangers, I expect a bit more punctuality than this, or at least a more detailed 'heads up' if there are unavoidable real-world delays. Particularly after the money has traded hands.

Also, we are both from Canada, so a parcel will always have tracking and typically takes a week or less to arrive by the regular parcel service.

I will wait till next week or so to file the claim. I am out of town this weekend anyway for the long weekend.
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Calgary, AB

I am in calgary and did make a trade with plastictrees in person. I think I remember what it was. Bloke is definately a busy guy and I met up with him and his business suit at ass o'clock in the morning on saturday before he went to work in order to make the trade happen. If absolutely everything else fails I can be the point of contact for local breakdown. I will not follow this thread, so you'll have to yell at me if anything changes.

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To glimpse the future, you must look to the past and understand it. Names may change, but human behavior repeats itself. Prophetic insight is nothing more than profound hindsight.

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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Just an update that plastictrees contacted me last week, and the figures were posted. They have arrived now, so we can count this as a positive (if delayed) resolution
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