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Made in ca

Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wow! While I would be inclined to complain when one of my threads takes comes to such a screeching halt, this thread has clearly turned into the Best Thing Ever. It's like bran muffin day in the primate pavilion.

To Mortis: nobody likes a shill. I will counteract your counteraction by noting that Mortis is a stupid name and that you are primarily composed of delicous ham.

To 5deadly: you've missed the point. The point is over there. You cannot reach it from where you are standing. Here's the thing- we don't like White Dwarf, and we aren't buying it. While you were working out your incredible theory of "don't buy White Dwarf" using your advanced space math, we came to the same conclusion, intuitively, a long time ago. Here's what everybody but you managed to get out of this thread: (1) we don't like WD (2) we aren't buying it (3) GW is in the toilet and has limited resources (4) GW has bigger problems than the quality of WD (5) why not sacrifice WD in order to make improvements elsewhere. Note how "well then don't buy GW wargames" fails to address any of these points. Flush the sand out of your weepy man-gina and make logical posts instead of just d6ing it.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

@Nyarlathotep- You just keep using the one you got, po'bucker. They don't wear out.


mmmmm... ham...

He's got a mind like a steel trap. By which I mean it can only hold one idea at a time;
it latches on to the first idea to come along, good or bad; and it takes strenuous effort with a crowbar to make it let go.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I think white dwarf should be written by burnthexenos, with new rules for everyone.

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