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Do people actually play the Mantic systems or are they just 'window dressing'?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I was playing 6th edition 40k and its a nightmare all these rules and tables. Too bad my group only wants to play GW.

Keep up the fight!  
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I'm a huge fan of Kings of War, Dwarf Kings Hold, Green Menace and just learning Project Pandora. So far, all the Mantic games are fun and tactical.

Many here have described the value of the system in great terms. The example I like to point out is I had a group of friends who have been playing WFB for years. (We started either at the end of 3rd or end of 4th...I can't recall. I just recall having to buy new books 6 months later.) But I demoed the game for them.

By the end of the first turn, they were comfortable. Inside 30 minutes they were pretty set with the rules and after a couple games they ditched WFB forever. (Or so we presume.) It's just so much clearer and simpler and you spend your time on tactics, not metagaming the units.

So far Warpath hasn't gained traction and I personally blame that on a lack of focus between skirmish and mass battle, but Mantic is doing this really interesting thing: they're inviting people to take part in the beta and help hack out the rules.

Mantic games are well worth playing.
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When Kings of War first came out, I was just getting into the idea of hobby war games. I put together two paper armies, mostly from One Monk and played a few battles with my boy who was eight at the time. I have always been a fan of the game, though I have not played with anyone else but the boy.

On the contrast, I have never even seen the whfb rules and from what I have heard and seen I do not want to.

I am still a bit bummed to have missed out on the kickstarter.
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@Chugosh: If you're interested at all in their sci-fi line (Warpath), they'll be doing a similar Kickstarter for the sci-fi line next summer.

Also, I congragulate you on your taste in paper models. I have a large 40K Tyranids army made from their paper Chimera Brood and a couple Forum Hoards.

Imagine the feeling when you position your tanks, engines idling, landing gear deployed for a low profile, with firing solutions along a key bottleneck. Then some fether lands a dreadnought behind them in a giant heat shielded coke can.

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Personally, I have no past experience with a Mantic ruleset. In my opinion, I think that Mantic are just seeking to develop a large fan-base to act as the foundations of Mantic's sales. Of course they know that GW is pricing out many of it's hobbyists, and they are using that to their advantage, by providing cheaper alternatives (Gosh, I love their Zombies...).

By doing so they'll appeal to a larger crowd as well as appealing to those that are already loyal to the Mantic game and company...
From there the company can grow and develop. ...Just my viewpoint though.

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darkPrince010 wrote:@Chugosh: If you're interested at all in their sci-fi line (Warpath), they'll be doing a similar Kickstarter for the sci-fi line next summer.

That is very interesting news!
On the one hand I am interested in the idea of Warpath more than I am actually liking the game so far as I have seen it. It will take me a while to get to where I like the Vermyn. I like the idea of them more than the actuality. A robot faction would help a bit, perhaps. I think the rebels may be the most interesting faction. I can imagine a multiracial large unit of rabble, for instance.

Rules for splitting larger units into smaller subunits would be cool, too, but that is a discussion for another topic.

It is really fun to feel like we are in on the early stages of the game.
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