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Made in gb
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws


Fantastic work,my personal faves are the Incubi.

Made in us
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Low Orbit over Prospero

You guys dew great work!

Fenrys Hjolda!

"There are no Wolves on Fenrys."
- Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons

Well Magnus, there is no longer life on Prospero! Hjolda!

"It takes a great deal of self control to be this dangerous!" -Ogvei Ogvei Helmschrat, Jarl of Tra 
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Thanks guys! We're always taking new commissions if anyone is interested

These Adeptus Mechanicus models are painted to a level 2 standard with no basing done per the client’s request. The weapons on many of the models were left off also per the client’s request as he wanted to paint them himself. This army will look really cool when it’s done!
[Thumb - admech pics 001.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 002.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 003.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 004.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 005.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 006.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

and more!
[Thumb - admech pics 007.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 008.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 009.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 010.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 011.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 012.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 013.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 014.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 015.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 016.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 017.JPG]

[Thumb - admech pics 018.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

These level 2 paint job Black Legion Chaos Space Marines will look great while stomping booty on the tabletop.
[Thumb - black_legion.JPG]

[Thumb - cultists_1.JPG]

[Thumb - cultists_2.JPG]

[Thumb - cultists_3.JPG]

[Thumb - cultists_4.JPG]

[Thumb - daemon_prince_1.JPG]

[Thumb - daemon_prince_2.JPG]

[Thumb - daemon_princes_1.JPG]

[Thumb - daemon_princes_2.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

And more!
[Thumb - heldrake_1.JPG]

[Thumb - heldrake_2.JPG]

[Thumb - heldrake_3.JPG]

[Thumb - heldrake_4.JPG]

[Thumb - heldrake_5.JPG]

[Thumb - juggernaut_lord_1.JPG]

[Thumb - juggernaut_lord_2.JPG]

[Thumb - juggernaut_lord_3.JPG]

[Thumb - juggernaut_lord_4.JPG]

[Thumb - juggernaut_lords_1.JPG]

[Thumb - obliterators_1.JPG]

[Thumb - obliterators_2.JPG]

[Thumb - obliterators_3.JPG]

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Whorelando, FL

Good stuff Reecius!

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Thanks, CaptKaruthors!

This Tau Riptide is a gorgeous model and a great example of a level 3 paint job with level 3 basing! It also features a host of advanced painting and modeling techniques including the very cool OSL on the lit areas of the model.
[Thumb - tau_riptide.JPG]

[Thumb - tau_riptide_2.JPG]

[Thumb - tau_riptide_3.JPG]

[Thumb - tau_riptide_4.JPG]

[Thumb - tau_riptide_5.JPG]

Made in us
Focused Fire Warrior

That is simply amazing. Great work! I recently purchased a level 3 job for Farsight and some bodyguards from your team there and I'm sure they'll turn out just as well as that riptide.

"Use the Force, Harry." -Gandalf

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


Love the riptide. It is a great model and it showcases the level 3 job really well.

Las Vegas Open Head Judge
I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings or pride, but your credentials matter. Even on the internet.
"If you do not have the knowledge, you do not have the right to the opinion." -Plato

Made in gb
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


All very nicely painted... but(please don't take the question offensively)... could i ask, why are none of the barrels drilled?

Made in us
Nimble Dark Rider

Love that riptide model!
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Yeah, this was a particularly pretty level 3 with freehand work and OSL. Just came out great.

Glad you guys liked it as much as we did!


We charge to drill the barrels as it is time consuming (very reasonable price) but pretty much no one opts to have it done.

We do as the client wants!

And no offense taken, of course.

Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

The riptide looks good and seems to stand above the rest in terms of quality. Out of curiosity, I checked your pricing sheet, you charged only around 100 labour for that model?
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

The Riptide is excellent, and it is a level 3 paint job with level 3 basing, and freehand work.

We have over a dozen artists, and their levels of inspiration and the techniques they use vary from project to project. Not every project is going to look the same. Plus, clients make very specific requests in terms of what they want at times, and sometimes those color choices etc. may not be what we would have chosen. We're often asked to match what a client already has, which limits our creative freedom.

In other words, every project is different.

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

These are some great looking IG with Inquisition! Note the weathering and power weapon effects on these great looking models. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I couldn't get the lighting right.
[Thumb - inquisitor and commissar.JPG]

[Thumb - inquisitor and nurse.JPG]

[Thumb - inquisitor_female.JPG]

[Thumb - sisters of battle.JPG]

[Thumb - storm_trooper_3.JPG]

[Thumb - storm_troopers.JPG]

[Thumb - storm_troopers_2.JPG]

[Thumb - storm_troopers_4.JPG]

[Thumb - storm_troopers_5.JPG]

[Thumb - vendetta.JPG]

[Thumb - vendetta_2.JPG]

[Thumb - vendetta_3.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

This gorgeous Farsight unit is both powerful on the table top and seriously good looking. The unit features some great NMM work, airbrush blending, line work, magnetized weapons, and freehand unit markings on the custom back banners. The end result is a real eye grabbing unit. This is a level 3 paint job with level 3 basing.

As always, you can see our very competitive rates here: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/custom-terrain/paint-service/
[Thumb - farsight tau 001.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 002.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 003.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 005.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 006.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 007.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 008.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 009.JPG]

[Thumb - farsight tau 010.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

These level 1 pre-heresy World Eaters Rhinos are a great example of our very affordable entry level paint service. You get a model that looks excellent on the table top but doesn’t break the bank!
[Thumb - pre heresy world eaters rhinos 001.JPG]

[Thumb - pre heresy world eaters rhinos 002.JPG]

[Thumb - pre heresy world eaters rhinos 003.JPG]

[Thumb - pre heresy world eaters rhinos 004.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

These Grey Knights are painted to a level 2 standard with level 1 basing. They feature some excellent airbrush work as well as a nice effect on the power weapons.

For more info on our service: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/custom-terrain/paint-service/
[Thumb - grey_knights 001.JPG]

[Thumb - grey_knights 005.JPG]

[Thumb - grey_knights 007.JPG]

[Thumb - grey_knights 009.JPG]

[Thumb - grey_knights 011.JPG]

[Thumb - grey_knights 012.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Our largest commission to date!

[Thumb - magma_eldar_1.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_2.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_3.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_4.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_5.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_6.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_7.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_8.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

more pics!
[Thumb - magma_eldar_9.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_10.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_11.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_12.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_13.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_14.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_15.JPG]

[Thumb - magma_eldar_16.JPG]

Made in us
Old Sourpuss

Lakewood, Ohio

The vehicles are fantastic with the flame effects on them, but I personally don't like the infantry (I'm not the client, so no worries ). I think that the magma bases mixed with the fiery effect on the sword and on the models in general is just too much.


Ask me about Brushfire or Endless: Fantasy Tactics 
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Thanks for the critique.

Yeah, the vehicles came out brilliantly. We really liked the hot rod style flames, that was a pretty cool new technique we tried out and it came out fantastically.

The infantry gets mixed reactions. I like them a lot, personally. They do have a really strong feel to them though, no doubt.

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

These level 2 paint job Dark Angels Tactical Squads came out great! They were left unbased per the client’s request. These all came out of the Dark Vengeance set and combined with our affordable painting rates, our customer got this great looking army on the table for cheap!
[Thumb - dark_angels 003.JPG]

[Thumb - dark_angels 004.JPG]

[Thumb - dark_angels 008.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Hordes Legion models! Came out great and are a level 2 paint job.
[Thumb - lefion_3.JPG]

[Thumb - legion_1.JPG]

[Thumb - legion_2.JPG]

[Thumb - legion_4.JPG]

[Thumb - legion_05.JPG]

[Thumb - legion_6.JPG]

[Thumb - legion_7.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

This level 3 army came out beautifully! With a combination of great conversions and overall concept, stand out models, great paint work and excellent basing, this army is just fantastic. A real head turner and one we are very proud of!

More pictures here: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/portfolio-items/fallen-dark-angels/
[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 008.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 010.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 013.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 017.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 020.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 021.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 025.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 026.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 028.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 030.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

more pics.
[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 041.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 042.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 044.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 045.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 047.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 051.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 055.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 059.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 060.JPG]

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

more pics
[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 061.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 063.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 065.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 067.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 069.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 074.JPG]

[Thumb - fallen_dark_angels 079.JPG]

Made in us
Armored Iron Breaker

Dallas, TX

Dude those fallen look great. Really diggin that whole army

"It's like the 12 days of Christmas...except its the 12 days of Death" Ian Christe
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Thanks! Yeah, we were really happy with it! Came out so nice.

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