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Dakka Veteran

Cheltenham, UK

My main stalled project is Space Hulk. I made a great start on painting it when the 3rd ed box was released, but lost the face/body part of the marine with assault cannon and just kind of ground to a halt.

But I've become a big fan of the more generic rules sets and even wrote and published one of my own. I kept my LOTR stuff to play A Song of Blades and Heroes, and use Horizon Wars (my game) with 6mm and 10mm (perfect for RTT!). Now I'm working on a generic Sci fi skirmish system to put my old 40k and Dreamforge stuff on the table!

Of course, I also stalled with WMH, but that was because I really didn't enjoy the game, so couldn't be bothered to finish painting the army!


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Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot


Oh, I forgot one, Make a completely converted and customized Inquisition army allying in Mechanicum and space marines. This will be the next army I buy.

Still debating on the most fluffy way to do it if anyone has some ideas.

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Eldar/DE/Harlequins- 6000+
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Currently enthralled by Blanchitsu and INQ28. 
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Devastating Dark Reaper

Biloxi, MS

My Emperor's Children army. I started them in the early 90s (before they had an official scheme) switched to Space Wolves and other things here and there. I stripped the pastels and started the pink/black but other armies got in the way. Now with no love from 8th, I feel they're never getting done.


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Gun Mage

*Pacific Rim themed Imperial Knights army with a Shatterdome themed display board. Lost interest in 40K during 6th and just couldn't be bothered to work on the first knight I bought so I sold it.

*Pre-heresy World Eaters using Black Templar rules (even had several BT conversion boxes), similar issue as above.

*US Tanks shelved due to being bad (at the time). Got interested again when BG&G came out and then lost interest due to lack of active meta, and when that started up again, along comes the new edition which throws it all back into doubt.
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Walking Dead Wraithlord

Maybe this thread should spur a "Forlorn Christmas" hobby project challenge.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

In the past year I buckled down and for the most part have gotten very good about focusing on getting my backlog for my primary armies painted up and complete. At the same time, I've expanded out to a good number of game systems, so I've got a lot of secondary armies that have fallen pretty far behind.

Being secondary armies though, I'm doing a better job of not adding to them at least and they're easier to abandon and sell than armies I'm half done with.
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Lord Commander in a Plush Chair

Norristown, PA

I'm in the process of moving right now, and never knew my nerd closet had accumulated quite so many projects I'll never finish.

One that was very near to my heart but just faded away around when the KS craze hit and I got obsessed with NewShinies was my night goblin army, the Smurfs of Chaos

Every time I think I'll sit down and paint some more smurfs, I decide I'd rather paint something else. I think there's just too many of them and it feels like I'll never finish the army.

I'll get back to them, some day.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Baltimore, MD

Hmm, I've been heartless about selling off project armies. I think the oldest project I still have are my Men of Minas Tirith I started collecting for a Kings of War army, back in 2012 or so. I haven't really added much to it, and I haven't don anything other than strip some paint off used models. It's sitting patiently in a box.

I have plenty of odds and ends that I know I'll get to "some day," the oldest of which are a few of the old Heartbreaker MIniatures M:tG minis, still in blister...

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Fresh-Faced New User

Hmm lets see... This could cover pretty much all of my hobby projects, but at present:

1. Lizardmen/Seraphon - My biggest project and also my least completed. Lizardmen are what brought me into mini wargaming but I've never had a WHFB scene near me until recently, but at this point I'm so heavily invested in 40k the switch would just hurt my current progress.

2. AoS Aelf Army - I started an all-female Aelf army for my wife. She lost interest, but I didn't. Never made much progress though.

3. Chaos Space Marines - Started as Word Bearers but I can't bring myself to paint another stroke of red. I'm not happy with how they turned out and have a HUGE amount of unpainted models in boxes. Since losing motivation painting red I've got a serious case of Legion Wobbles and can't decide on what to paint them as. My true love is Thousand Sons but I just don't have the models for them. As of today I'm leaning towards Alpha Legion, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

The only project I've made any progress on is the Death Guard from Dark Imperium, and that's mostly because they're a side army I don't care about and have decided to speed paint them. It helps that Death Guard don't look terrible if you make a mess of them!
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Locked in the Tower of Amareo


A 100% sentinel army.

Sadly, I think it's not legal any more-- you need 1 HQ, now, which means 1 unit that's not a sentinel. But man I wish it could be.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I think you could make an entire army up out of Auxiliary Detachments, but you'd have no CPs.
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Grovelin' Grot

Chicago, IL

The Doom board game. I bought it and played it once thinking I could start a board game club but the first time I played the people I played with became hostile when they started to lose I lost all interest.

As of now it's my reason to not buy anything else until I finish my 40k Ork army as I always think "You still have to paint up 30 demons".

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Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

 Melissia wrote:
A 100% sentinel army.

Sadly, I think it's not legal any more-- you need 1 HQ, now, which means 1 unit that's not a sentinel. But man I wish it could be.

Lol, I really like sentinels, but this is a separate level of crazy

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