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Cheltenham, UK

My main stalled project is Space Hulk. I made a great start on painting it when the 3rd ed box was released, but lost the face/body part of the marine with assault cannon and just kind of ground to a halt.

But I've become a big fan of the more generic rules sets and even wrote and published one of my own. I kept my LOTR stuff to play A Song of Blades and Heroes, and use Horizon Wars (my game) with 6mm and 10mm (perfect for RTT!). Now I'm working on a generic Sci fi skirmish system to put my old 40k and Dreamforge stuff on the table!

Of course, I also stalled with WMH, but that was because I really didn't enjoy the game, so couldn't be bothered to finish painting the army!


Made in us
Freaky Flayed One


Oh, I forgot one, Make a completely converted and customized Inquisition army allying in Mechanicum and space marines. This will be the next army I buy.

Still debating on the most fluffy way to do it if anyone has some ideas.

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