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Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

So I got my Ironjawz Warband finished. And now on the the next project. So I’ve always been a fan of all things ork. 40k, AoS, Underworlds, all of it. So I wanted to do something with the Brutez and wanted to find a way to incorporate them in Underworld. So the best option I have found to use Steelharts Champions as a proxy. So instead of Steelharts Champions I’m going to call the Steeljawz Champions. Here is what I’ve come up with so far.
[Thumb - 50057783-B3AF-4DCC-993C-49414C039CD7.jpeg]

[Thumb - 6C2156EC-1FDE-4892-A7C4-D4D5D621FC20.jpeg]

[Thumb - C4E6289D-B3C1-4465-A271-FBB98B9AE8EE.jpeg]

[Thumb - 7587717A-E095-4BD5-9AAC-4076E16A6C9C.jpeg]

Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

United Kingdom

Damn, these guys have got much bigger since the last incarnation of black orcs. They look like some serious heavy hitters

My favourite is the guy you've got based, I like his pose.

Keep up the good work.

Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Thanks. Yea the Brutez are a lot bigger than the old orks. The models are great to. Think I have about 20 so far

Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


Now that's some big weapons . Loving the poses! For the guy witht he two-handed choppan, have you considered having him beckoning the enemy forward? A 'come at me bro' pose kind of thing?

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

Camkhieri: "And another very cool thing, my phones predictive text actually gave me chicken as an option after typing robot, how cool is that."'

Meercat: "All eyes turned to the horizon and beheld, in lonely and menacing grandeur, the silhouette of a single Grot robot chicken; a portent of evil days to come."
From 'The Plucking of Gindoo Phlem' 
Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Man that was a good idea. But I’ve been absent from this for a bit. Didn’t see it till now but I have painted him and changed up the base a bit. I think he turned out well. He is ready for some bloodshed.
[Thumb - 34AC4339-C975-46DC-9204-FBD2EF682A2D.jpeg]

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Those weapons are savage. Nice work on the finished guy. They have a sort of turtle feel with the armored shell and belly plates.
Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Thanks. I did some additional work on the shield Orruk. Added some gubbins. Wanna get these guys table top ready for a local tournament. Might not win but they will be fun to watch on the table top.
[Thumb - 1AB77C79-8136-464D-80E2-92F5D1BC1E02.jpeg]

[Thumb - F5E9ED4C-195B-4509-80DF-74335D605C8E.jpeg]

Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Got some work done on the next 2. Still seats to go but they are coming along nicely I think.
[Thumb - 33C13CFA-FD4D-47F5-B85B-F0F791E76AC0.jpeg]

Made in gb
Gargantuan Great Squiggoth

Not where I should be

Really nice work.

Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Thanks. Been slow going. Not much hobby time lately. Been doing a lot of stuff with the kids and wife. Hoping to get them finished this weekend. Need to have them ready by the 20th.

Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Stealhearts Champions. Nope Ironheartz Boyz. Got some paint on them and they are tabletop ready. Still want to a little more work done on them. Some gore and trophies. But so far I am happy.
[Thumb - 34E3FD9C-5C7E-4C99-BC0C-F4088AC20958.jpeg]

[Thumb - B54A1376-3A3F-4212-9B22-469B9B2665A0.jpeg]

[Thumb - 86133E76-4BFF-4012-9737-9E4BF41E7018.jpeg]

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