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given the core rules are only a few pages it would be nice for them to get the annual update in CA, include the deployment maps and a few other useful bits from the main book and call it a day
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At the end of the day, GW want gamers to buy the BRB, codex and also CA each year. As a business model it's quite good - they get regular income from existing players as well as from those just getting into the hobby.

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nothing wrong with a company wanting to earn money. the thing is it would be nice, if they made us buy stuff that actually has stuff inside. The way GK work, their usable stuff in CA and codex, they coudl fit it on 4-6 pages. they could fit them in to a WD or a larger PDF if they wanted to, but they make us pay for it as if we were getting the same type of product as someone using an eldar or IG codex and CA user.
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Looking back on it nothing much has changed since when I used to play RT. Much of the BRB was superseded by new rules published in WD, and these were rolled into expansions like the Compendium and Compilation. It's similar now except those expansions are released yearly and called Chapter Approved...

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Fun fact: one of the RT expansions was actually called Chapter Approved - Book of the Astronomican!

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I think they should wait to release any new edition until all rules and codexes are written, tested adjusted and ready. Then release them all at once. Then instead of spending that entire edition adjusting and writing for that edition, they can be working on and getting the next edition ready.

We're gonna need another Timmy!

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GW are always going to write new rules within an edition. Even back in the RT days new rules expansions were some of the most interesting aspects of the hobby.

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Slipspace wrote:
 jeff white wrote:
8th ed is a boardgame masquarading as a wargame. Gw won't likely ever release a 9th ed. They may make new rulebooks. People might even call one if them 9th but it will be as OP describes. Warmed over boardgamey shallow glittery trademarkable nonsense. The true 9th ed will be as in Fantasy, created by hobbyists and superior in every way over GWs dumbed down replacement. After all the talk that the shift to primaris ridiculousness rather than simply upgrading the model range and boosting all marines to 2wounds was done better than the transition to Ao$, once it sinks in that GW replaced 40k with a dumbed down imposter the same way they ruined Fantasy after all then hobbyist created rules will be formalised and a 9th ed may be put together.

I think the chances of a fan-created 9th Age-style 40k are pretty much zero barring a major screw-up from GW (the chances of which are admittedly quite a bit higher than zero). 9th Age only worked because GW completely and - more importantly - officially killed Fantasy. That clean break created the gap that 9th Age looked to fill. Without a similar event happening with 40k any fan-based project is doomed to failure simply due to its inability to overcome the inertia 40k has with so many people playing it. The closest we might get is if ITC decide to create a system that's much further removed from regular 40k than they are at the moment but even then I don't think it would have anything like the player numbers needed to be successful. I mean, people still played 7th edition despite how absolutely terrible it was towards the end. GW will have to screw up much, much more than that before fan-made versions have even a tiny chance of success.

Yep. Plus I would say that "worked" is rather kind when referring to T9A (how is it going with that BTW?).

Ever heard of Grimdark future? It's the fan ruleset you're taking about, except t very few people even noticed.


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kaotkbliss wrote:
I think they should wait to release any new edition until all rules and codexes are written, tested adjusted and ready. Then release them all at once. Then instead of spending that entire edition adjusting and writing for that edition, they can be working on and getting the next edition ready.

Nice idea but will never happen. It's a bad business model. What would happen would be that GW would get a shedload of cash up front and then next to nothing over the next few years. The company would not survive on miniature releases and sales alone.

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No. The format of their updates and books is suboptimal. It is illogical, there are no indexes/contents and there's so much fluff in them it can hide the actual rules.

The BRB should continue to exist in it's current form (with a few tweaks) though. It's really nice and has lots of lore and nice pictures, so it's a bit of a collectors thing. But the actual rules should be provided in another complimentary fashion...

They should just issues pages or sections with version numbers from the beginning without the fluff. Then you should be able to print out any pages (if you want) and you all know what is the latest version to apply.
Each rule should be numbered and put in logical sections, so they can be easily replaced and indexed, so you can search them easily (either online or printing out an index/contents page).
The same should happen with units and datacards. So instead of Index and Codex versions, there is just a single truth, with the latest version number.

The actual rules and codex should be in binders, and they should be able to remove and add pages, and they can issue official nice printed updates every year or 6 months or whenever there is a major change. You could either buy them when they're updated, similar to CA, or subscribe to a service and get perpetual updates posted you.
This would mean you can keep all of your rules (including extra stuff from CA, Scenario Books) in one place and pick and choose what you do bring with you.

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