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As long as dice are readable, with no ambiguity, we do not care. If there is any doubt, we reroll. On occasion we throw all dice in a box so that they can't end up in fancy unreadable positions. A dice fallen from the table is rerolled.

We don't often use different color dice to resilve wounds on various units. Instead we prefer making two rolls because we have got a clearer view of what takes what damages, which we find fun although it takes a little more time.

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My group has been using a particular house rule for a while now... Basically, the "all or nothing rule" when handling multiple dice. If you're picking up or shaking dice, and one or more slips out of your hand, you have to pick it up and roll it with the rest. Because potentially, you could look at the result before deciding whether to pick it up or roll the rest of the dice alongside it.

It's not so much that there's an issue with cheating, but it removes the temptation to use a fortuitous fumble as a roll.
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