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Have you ever gone on a years-long hiatus from GW board games?
No, I've been playing regularly for several editions.
No, I'm still fairly new to the hobby (child of the 8th or 9th ed).
Yes, but I remained part of the Warhammer fandom/community.
Yes, and I mostly stopped consuming Warhammer content during that time.

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Started with 2nd edition and enjoyed it a lot along with Necromunda and the original Warhammer Quest. Friends stopped playing/went to different schools but I carried on into 3rd edition but found it so vastly different it did not hook me in. Still enjoyed the story but mostly I really liked painting the models, which I find very relaxing and a change from staring at screens.

Came back briefly for 9th Edition Kill Team but didn't think much of it so then went back to the occasional 2nd edition game and started looking at Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition. So very much into oldhammer. But my main priority these days is just painting the older models.

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I started around 2nd edition of 40k and 4th edition of WHFB. My 40k was never consistent, so I just won't talk about that.

I played WHFB from about 13-15 years old, very casually.

Jumped back in when I was about 17 or 18 with Ravening Hordes. My group played all of 6th through all of 7th. We hosted a couple of tournaments and got into the local scene in 7th.

8th came out... and we didn't like it. Magic had gotten out of control and the balance was even worse. We played it for a few months and stopped.

We went back to 8th with swede comp and it helped, but it still wasn't as much fun. We stopped playing before the End Times started, and never got any of those books.

We tried Age of Sigmar and didn't like it. We tried KoW and we found our game. Basically haven't played a GW game since before the End Times.

I think I've played 3 total AoS games, and one 40k game at the start of 8th.

I still play Underworlds though, if that counts.

I plan on playing Malerion's faction, whenever it comes out.

Playing: Droids (Legion), Starks (ASOIAF), BB2
Working on: Starks (ASOIAF), Twilight Kin (KoW). Droids (Legion)
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KoW is a great choice for fantasy regiment wargames. You can use pretty much all the old Fantasy armies plus extra ones.

I also fell out of WFB at the same time as you. I remember going to a GW and getting a game, deploying my fully painted Goblin army against an unpainted and partially assembled Daemon army (which took friggin ages because of the sheer number of troops involved). And on turn 1 the Daemon herald zoomed forward on a disc and blasted some vortex spell with irresistable force down my battle line causing my entire army to disintegrate. Tabled on turn 2. Really felt great trekking all the way to the shop, waiting for my turn to play and then spending 45 minutes deploying for a total of 25 minutes of gameplay.

I just didn't ever feel like doing that again afterwards.

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I haven’t played actual Warhammer for 15 years but still do the figures from time to time. I used to play 2nd/3rd edition 40k, 5th Fantasy, Space Hulk, Necromunda, Gorkamorka. These days, I would rather play an RPG set in the warhammer world than pick up the main tabletop game and have to roll out hundreds of miniatures.

I play mtg, board games, RPGs and make military models much of the time. But I just finished a Blood Slaughterer the other day, and I’m currently re-reading Deathwing, so I’m definitely involved.
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Bristol (UK)

I started playing around mid-5th edition, with Ultramarines.
That didn't last long as I picked up Tau and started playing them a few months later.
I played Tau until after their 6th edition codex. Encouraged by the GW store staff, I would eventually pick up 3 Riptides.
At this point it was becoming clear people weren't enjoying playing against me, so I wanted a change.
I transitioned to Blood Angels, starting with their still-5th edition codex.
Somewhere in this time I fully swore off any competitive play at all, as it was just so unfun to me.

My first true hiatus was during 7th when the Blood Angel codex dropped. My army relied on Assault Marines as troops, and the 7th ed codex pulled that. I was left with no troops and so no legal army. The kick in the teeth killed any desire to collect more, it would take over a year for me to slowly buy, build, and paint 2 Tactical Squads to finally field a legal army.

I came back about a month before 8th edition dropped. Just enough time to get bent over several times by the worst of 7th, then 8th dropped.

I played a few games of 8th. But then I was introduced to the new Necromunda, which I thought was a far better game.
As a result of that, and several more bad games of 40k, I dropped 40k again and spent my time only playing other games.

I've started to dip my toe back into 40k again. More because there isn't a large enough community to support me playing other games than an actual desire to do so, though.
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I played 40k from RT through the entirety of 2nd ed. Was not thrilled with 3rd so I took a pretty long break to get my career started but came back to check on it every now and then. Really liked the 3.5 CSM book. I played a few games with it, them ended up sitting out most of 4th and came back at the start of 5th. Stayed with it until 7th made me want to never even hear the name "Games Workshop", but 8th eventually snagged me again.

On the fence about 9th so could be on the verge of another break. At least until we see how more of the books shake out.

Edit: I just googled ablutions and apparently it does not including dropping a duece. I should have looked it up early sorry for any confusion. - Baldsmug

Psiensis on the "good old days":
"Kids these days...
... I invented the 6th Ed meta back in 3rd ed.
Wait, what were we talking about again? Did I ever tell you about the time I gave you five bees for a quarter? That's what you'd say in those days, "give me five bees for a quarter", is what you'd say in those days. And you'd go down to the D&D shop, with an onion in your belt, 'cause that was the style of the time. So there I was in the D&D shop..." 
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Started mid 7th, played into early 8th. Stopped after have of it and quit out only to come bac for a short campaign I was invited towards the end. Remembered why I disliked it in that time and didn't play again until 9th. Played early 9th, disliked it, wont play until I get an army book for my army. If I dislike I wont play it until things change better for me game wise. If not I'll play games like Inifinity, Bolt Action, or Black Powder I find more interesting.

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I started in the end of 2nd edition with orks, switched to marines from 3rd onward, as well as some smaller thematic armies. Even though I didn't play them, I collected most of the other dexes from 3rd-5th ed. I liked the lore, art, and mainly because I had friends who were interested and loaned them the books in case they didn't want to make a full investment, and I liked the flexibility in playing counts-as type armies for stuff that (at the time) hadn't made it back into the games (genestealer cults, squats and knights). I'm much more a modeler than gamer, and dug a few of the old specialist titles, chapter approved side-games; and codices that encouraged player to make custom-thematic lists for chaos, or marines or IG with the combat doctrine traits/drawback options.
But when GW started switching things to more rigid one-size fits all lists was just bleh. I shelved my existing marine army because changes to how squads had to be run by 10-man size....or what they did with the 4th ed csm dex. By 6th...couldn't justify the price increases, nor the cookie-cutter lists the codices were pushing. And most of the people I played with moved away after graduating and the FLGS crowd was getting into other games I had no real interest in.

I still stayed invested in the community, I like setting, still do hobby stuff. Props to GW for releasing knights into 40k, horus heresy and even the apocalypse lists, and that the story line has actually advanced, but I just had no incentive to buy anything else. The changes in 8-9th looked intriguing with the expansion of armies and models, but the rules and descriptions look so alien, and there's so many more game systems out there now to learn to play. As well as digging into spin off communities trying to do their own thing.
Though the Necromunda return looks cool, might give that upcoming Cursed City a shot.

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Started mid 90s as a kid, devoured it as teenager when I had no money for minis but all the time in the world. Then eventually went off to uni and real life/social life took over. Then in my mid to late 20s got back into the hobby in a big way for about 4 years or so, probably played more then than the rest of my life combined, was pretty great, tournaments, hosting mega games, club campaigns, the works.

Then when GW killed WFB (an act of pure vandalism imo) it was a real gutpunch as our club sort of fell apart as everyone kind of went their own ways hobby wise, it sort of coincided with career stuff taking over again so have been away from the hobby again (though on and off did some painting). Now about 5 years on I'm trying to find a way to have a bit more balance and have some more hobby time, getting games is probably the hardest thing (considering I was once playing 3 club sessions a week!), but after much reflection I think I know what I want from the hobby more than ever and have much more patience with projects. I've made my peace with the hobby, I know it's a long, long endeavour, and I'll probably be a hobbyist for life. Would really like to find a club of like minded hobbyists though!

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I’ve had one hiatus where I left the hobby completely, and am currently kind of sort of maybe on hiatus kinda.

I started playing 40k around 1998 in early high school, and stopped 2004. I’d finished school and was doing further studies and working a lot more, and a large number of my models got badly broken and lost in an ill-fated journey to an event in Sydney which soured me on it quite badly. I didn’t have the time or the income to continue, so it all went back in the box and was promptly forgotten about.

It wasn’t until 2008 when I got my first full-time job that I got back into it. I started fresh, and with my newfound income I splurged. I was very heavily invested in 5th-6th edition, less so in 7th but still pretty keen.

Now, from November 2019 until now I’ve had zero games. I still follow the hobby online and managed to finish my Death Guard army but it’s been almost a year now since I’ve picked up a paintbrush. I really, genuinely enjoyed 8th edition - especially when everyone was running off the Index books. I’m yet to play 9th, but I do want to. Circumstances right now are not very conductive for gaming so I’ve pretty much put tabletop gaming on the back burner for now but I’m still involved in discussions, forums, and lore.
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I played Rogue Trader and 2nd edition 40k as well as WHFB up until 4th edition. Necromunda, Epic and Man o'War as well, until I was in my late teens.

And that was pretty much that. When I got back into miniatures gaming in the late 2000s there were so many other companies putting out great games that I never got back in. I've kept up with the rules and miniatures, even bought the occasional model for other projects, but while the company isn't as aggressively negative toward its own customers these days, I still think it is mostly lipstick.

We have started a print-and-play Battlefleet Gothic group using community rules this year, but I can't really get excited about their new products anymore.

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Cheltenham, UK

Hiatus started with 40k 5th and continues to this day.

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