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I posted up a thread to trade / sell my tyranid swarm NIB.

Disel24 (Gabriel Diaz) sent me a pm and offered the eldar models i was looking for. We both agreed to the deal on (6-4-2014) and that we would both send out our items by that sat (6-7-2014).

My package went out on 6-6-2014
It was dilevered on June 9, 2014, 2:11 pm

The last message he sent me was on 6-8-2014 saying he was not able to get it out by sat, he was sorry, and that it would go out on monday. I have not recieved a packed or a message since.

I have tried texting and calling the number he gave me (person who responded said they are not Gabriel Diaz), messaged him on dakkadakka, and on ebay. With no response.

on 6-20-2014 i sent him one final request to make contact with me and to confirm he would fufill his end of the deal. It has been 20 days since last contact and 24 days since deal was made. I gave him the following options

You have 3 options to resolve this before more actions are taken.
1. Contact me and send me the items agreed upon.
2. Contact me and pay my asking price that was listed in the ad for the items I sent you.
3. Contact me and send me back my items

If I have not heard from you within 7 days of this message I will take the following actions. (It will have been 3 weeks from our agreement date. And you will have shown no intent on following through on your end of the deal)

1. Post a bad trade report on dakkadakka
2. I will contact the property owner of the address I mailed my package to
3. Contact your local post master and file a report
4. File a report with my local police department for mail fraud
5. File a report with your local police department for mail fraud

I am posting this as a warning to everyone. DO NOT MAKE A DEAL WITH DISEL24



Clarkston, WA 99403
Text removed. Reds8n

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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Thanks for posting the transaction report to warn others, thaylog. The full address had to be edited out above as full personal info cannot be posted on Dakka. Let us know how contacting the property owner (a very good idea!) and/or the postmaster / police goes.
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Regular Dakkanaut


Same user name has been linked to several account on Bartertown. All have been given a nice long vacation by MM from Btown.

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Fresh-Faced New User

The sad part is that he had positive feedback on the ruputable trader list.

I didnt think to check bartertown for his user name to see he had bad dealings there.

He gave me his ebay and it had all positive feedback too.

I did talk to MM on bartertown and he was full of info on the guy which will greatly help in going after this guy.

Thank you MODs for including some of his address so people can be warned when sending things to that area.
Made in gb
Killer Klaivex

This matter is under discussion by the moderating crew at this point in time, and his Reputable Trader Credit temporarily suspended until the issue is resolved. Mr Diaz/Disel24, if you could respond to this Transaction report ASAP, it would help you immeasurably.

Only posts with relevant/new information please gentlemen, I'll be wiping anything that isn't restricted to that.


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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

We have now updated the Transaction Report List, and it is current as of today (July 5th, 2014). I think the sticky will be re-posted by one of the other Swapmods shortly, but I have edited in the update to the current sticky for now.

Unfortunately, in the process of updating it and thus looking closely through the accounts of users with open Transaction Reports, I discovered that disel24 has two other accounts on Dakka, which is of course against the site rules. Those accounts are: lubacca and Elchele.

Even worse, both of those users have also posted in the Swap Shop. And worst of all, lubacca has 3 open, unresolved transaction reports:


I could not find whether or not lubacca had been permanently suspended, or if he had just abandoned the account, but obviously the accounts have all now been suspended. This means you will not be able to contact this user through PM.

Previously, they never responded to those transaction reports, but perhaps the suspension of their main account (disel24) will cause them to respond this time. I have emailed them, and if they respond I will certainly pass along anyone's email here who needs to communicate with them. Unfortunately, I do not think they will respond.

I wish we had caught this sooner, or that I had better news... thank you for posting this transaction report and feel free to PM me.

Likewise, disel24 if you read this, as I assume you will, please feel free to reply to my email and state your case. You would be required to resolve all four of your outstanding transaction reports on Dakka in order to be allowed to return to posting here.

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