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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I responded to a thread in the swap shop from SignatureChaos.
I inquired about some of his dkok and we came to a price, I paid but I never got a tracking number or confirmation of shipping.
After some informed delay's from the seller it seemed he had at last decided to take 15 min to go down to the post office.
But sadly after the 4th of july he stopped responding to my messages, I gave the situation 7 more business days incase the package did show up.
Even first class is 3-5 business days, It was safe to assume if it was going to show up it would have by now so I filed a paypal claim for the transaction.
The claim in currently awaiting his contact.

Below is our correspondence minus the original few messages asking about prices and pictures.

SignatureChaos : 2014/06/26 01:32:49
This will include the modals I use as hull points for the arty, and it all adds up to 175$ if you are still interested.

Azeroth133 : 2014/06/26 03:41:22
Very interested, would you consider 160$ shipped to 85205 and I can pay you next Tuesday via paypal?

SignatureChaos : 2014/06/27 00:43:37
My email on Paypal is xxxxxxxxxx@aim.com. I'll be sending the item via the USPS unless you have a prefered way of it being sent?

Azeroth133 : 2014/06/28 13:40:08
Payment has been sent, thx
I may also be interested in picking up the infantry at a later date, but I decently can not swing it now.
Hit me up with tracking when you are able.
Thx in advance, hope the cash helps

SignatureChaos :2014/06/29 21:40:51
Going to get it sent tomorrow sense the post office is closed send me a place to send it to I will be using usps

Azeroth133 : 2014/06/29 22:35:51
Thx, looking forward to it.

SignatureChaos : 2014/07/01 17:00:23
Sorry there was a slight delay with getting this stuff shipped some personal stuff came up but I am still getting this stuff sent to you this week and I'll have the tracking number sent. Did not plan for this delay.

Azeroth133 : 2014/07/01 19:21:21
its ok. just keep me updated please.

Azeroth133 : 2014/07/04 14:16:13
did you get a chance to get the package out?

SignatureChaos :2014/07/04 17:22:53
Doing it right now actually

Azeroth133 : 2014/07/04 18:56:00
Sweet ty
Hit me up with tracking when able.
Ill leave a trade reference when it gets here.

Azeroth133 : 2014/07/07 13:07:38

Azeroth133 : 2014/07/08 00:17:31
What's up?

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


SignatureChaos did not reply to the paypal claim and they ruled in my favor, providing me a full refund.
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