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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Just some pics from our game this weekend. We've used various Necron terrain from around the globe to create our own Necron Tomb World.

[Thumb - 3.jpg]

[Thumb - P8092167.jpg]

[Thumb - 1.jpg]

[Thumb - 4.jpg]

[Thumb - 5.jpg]

[Thumb - 7.jpg]

[Thumb - 8.jpg]

[Thumb - 2.jpg]

Made in us
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!


The terrain looks great. Lots of variety and LOS blocking stuff. Good work

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Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

New Bedford, MA USA

Definitely some ideas here I will be stealing

Made in us
Trustworthy Shas'vre

DFW area Texas - Rarely

Like it a lot!!!

Thanks for sharing.

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Made in ca
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Updated Pics:

[Thumb - NTW4.jpg]

[Thumb - NTW2.jpg]

[Thumb - NTW1.jpg]

[Thumb - NTW3.jpg]

[Thumb - NTW.jpg]

Made in us
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I want a table like that.
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