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Rather than having individuals/groups periodically posting up new threads, we encourage Painting Services to post in this thread so that we can have a stable listing of painters. This helps keep Painting Services on the front page, and members looking for painters won't have to dig around the forum backlogs anymore.


*ONLY* Painting Services may post in this thread. Any feedback on a Painting Service must be posted in the appropriate Painting Service thread (to be explained). Any posts that are not an offering of a commission painting service will be deleted.

If you wish to be listed in the Painting Services List:

If you are offering a painting service, please post in this thread to let us know who you are and whatever other pertinent information you need to provide (ie, if you have standard prices/alternate contact info, etc). Please keep the information concise. I would recommend posting some examples of your painting so that users can get a feel for your abilities. Please limit yourself to at most 3 example pictures of your work, and also be mindful of the size of the pictures. If you have only 3 pictures but they're extra large (i.e., some of those collage pics), I will ask you to pare down to a couple or ask you to re-size the files and re-post.


As noted by the name of the title, this is merely a listing of Painting Services. Bearing that in mind, we will be requiring anybody who wishes to be listed here to maintain a thread either in the Painting & Modeling, Painting & Modeling Blogs, or Painting & Modeling Showcase forums (where it would be understood that the relevant rules governing those respective fora would be followed). As part of your post in the Painting Services List, we will require you to include a link to the Painting & Modeling thread you will have started and maintained.

Ideally, the Painting & Modeling threads will be maintained by the respective Painting Services and kept up to date to show people that the service is active and as a means to foster community and discussion. Keeping that in mind, any and all feedback that other users may wish to give regarding a Painting Service such be made/posted in the respective Painting Service's P&M thread.

Note: Unlike the prior incarnations of the Painting Services List or Reputable traders list, we will not prohibit negative feedback against Painting Services. However, it should be noted that in spite of this, the normal Forum Rules, particularly regarding politeness/civility and the posting of private information (i.e., unless it's your private information that you want to disclose, don't post up another member's private information), are still expected to be observed.

We will periodically check to make sure that Painting Services are active and may delete posts in the Painting Services List if the respective services are no longer active. That being said, if we happen to have missed a services to appears to be defunct, please let us know with a PM.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the Painting Services List, please feel free to send me, or any other SwapMod, a PM. (It should be noted that we will NOT help settle disputes)


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Madness and genius are separated by degrees of success.

Remember to follow the Swap Shop Rules and Guidelines! 
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Incorporating Wet-Blending

Hello, hello! My name's Andrew, and I run a little commission painting shop I like to call Rollin' All Ones. Based out of Cleveland, OH, I primarily paint Warhammer 40K minis, but I am more than willing to paint models from other game systems. I've had the pleasure of working directly for On The Lamb Games, publishers of the games Brushfire and Endless: Fantasy Tactics, and in fact many of their display miniatures have been painted by me.

My pricing is generally on a case by case basis but to give you an idea, basic infantry start at $20 each and 40mm infantry at $40 each. More complex minis will generally be more expensive, less complex ones less expensive. I have only one standard, and that is to the best of my abilities. This includes basing, freehand, and a number of other things, so you are sure to get your money's worth! For any questions or to request a quote, contact me either through PM or email at commissions (at) rollinallones.com.

Below are a few examples of some of my past projects.

Knight Lancer, with custom shield -- 40K

Warhound Titan -- 40K

Eldar Hornets -- 40K

For more completed projects and ongoing progress logs, please check out my P&M thread here!

I also maintain a portfolio of my completed works at http://www.rollinallones.com.

Thanks for reading- Hope to work with you soon!

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Hi Everyone!

I am the owner of Scar's Miniature Madness painting studio.
SMM is a legal registered company that does painting and conversion commission's for all tabletop wargames.

You can find my website at: http://www.scarsminimadness.nl
And my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ScarsMiniatureMadness
Link to the tread i have on this great forum: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/483936.page#4893730 and my WIP tread: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/600/487760.page
For information or questions feel free to drop me an email: zuidgeest.p at gmail.com or sent me a privat message on the forums!

Here are some pictures of my work:


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Fixture of Dakka

This Is Where the Fish Lives

My name is TJ and I run Orion Paintworks commission painting studio. I started painting miniatures in January of 2012. Less than eight months after completing my first model, I won a local painting competition with the first vehicle I completed, a Warhammer 40,000 tank. Since then, I have expanded to all manner of wargaming miniatures and scale models.

I run a blog with a mix of personal and commission projects, plus musings on various topics related to painting/modeling: http://surfaceofspace.blogspot.com/
My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/orionpaintworks
My WIP thread: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/612921.page
For more information or questions, feel free to send me a PM or email at orionpaintworks@gmail.com

Some photos of my work:

Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship:

Imperial Knight-Titan:

Bandai 1/72 scale X-wing (Red 5):

More photographs can be found in my Dakka gallery and my website. Thanks!

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 d-usa wrote:
"When the Internet sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending posters that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing strawmen. They're bringing spam. They're trolls. And some, I assume, are good people."
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Stern Iron Priest with Thrall Bodyguard

Redondo Beach

Hello, Dakkanaut.

My name is Joshua Allan Howdeshell, thus, JAHminis. JAHminis is my commission painting service, started in 2004. I have been booked solid nearly the whole ten years, painting for private collectors, and miniatures companies such as Privateer Press, Crocodile Games, Aberrant Games, and Dragonblood Miniatures. I am a Golden Demon winner, have many pieces published in rulebooks, and my works have appeared in the Cool Mini or Not Annual every year since 2009.

I specialize in custom one-off figures for the collector who wants something unique and high-quality. Prices start at $200USD for single 28mm figures. If you are looking for something special, feel free to get in touch and discuss your ideas. I am always happy to talk minis, but keep in mind that the wait in my queue averages about three months, since I am usually booked quite a bit in advance.

My P&M Blog on DakkaDakka can be found here:


My Facebook page is here:


My blog, where I detail my paint schemes, is here:


There are also plenty of photos to browse in my DakkaDakka gallery, as well. Just click the "Gallery Images" link on the left, under my avatar.

A few samples of my work:

Thank you for taking a look. I hope you see something you like, and are inspired to get your very own JAHminis creation.


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Paint like ya got a pair!

Available for commissions.
Made in by
Dakka Veteran

Hello. My name is Yuri, I offer high-quality painting service for wargame armies.
Creating armies of any complexity, individual approach, fast terms.
Working since 2002.

See more works on:




I accept commissions (I am a painter). You can contact me PM or gruumsh-af@mail.ru

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Some works: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/recentTopics/showTopicsByUser/91503.page

My group on facebook:
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Incorporating Wet-Blending


Hi, I've been doing painting commissions for several years now, mostly skirmish sets, though I do everything from display characters/scenes through armies. Please feel free to PM me here or contact me through my blog. I'm most experienced with GW and Wyrd, though have plenty of experience with a variety of companies and styles.

Thanks for looking!

Painting & hobby blog: spiralingcadaver.blogspot.com
Dakka gallery: http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-user.jsp?u=40919

Dakka plogs (mix of commission and personal work):
Games Workshop: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/512291.page
Infinity/Corvus Belli: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/494515.page
Kingdom Death: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/576665.page
Wyrd/Malifaux: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/499018.page

My painted armies (40k, WM/H, Malifaux, Infinity...) 
Made in us
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade


Hello everyone! My name is Tom and I am a painter based in Chicago, IL.

I will paint single models all the way up to large armies! I have no set pricing, it depends on the level you want painted, color (yellow and white we will higher), basing (custom or standard), whether the pieces come assembled or not, and whether or not you will pay in cash, crypto or trade.

That's right, I also do trades for commission work! Have armies that are laying around that you don't use and would love to trade it for a beautifully painted army, just let me know!

MTG Players - I will also trade commission jobs for Magic the Gather cards so please inquire.

My showcase:

Please search for me on Ebay to check my feedback as well : Snoopdeville3, the_grove_studios

Vyndica Paint - https://paint.vyndica.com/ - TheGroveStudios

Please PM me or send an email to hkuspforty5@yahoo.com for a quote!

NO timers, just quality paint work!!

[Thumb - received_10211920263547247.jpeg]

[Thumb - 1390e4814b0912f0fbd9d90079dcd049_94425.jpg]

[Thumb - bff9b90953b78b23b8d3560eb00119ec_94425.jpg]

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Made in hr
Dakka Veteran


Based in Croatia. You can check out my work and pricing here (pinned post is the pricing): https://www.facebook.com/BoxyBrush/

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I do commissions: https://www.facebook.com/BoxyBrush/
You can follow any projects I'm working on here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/722207.page 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

I'm still going, 8 years later.

Link in sig, or search my posts on here, the majority are paintwork.

Made in pl
Ariadna Berserk Highlander



Manu Miniatures here, painter from Poland, who recently started painting under his own banner.
I am interested in converting and high level painting of single miniatures/squads/warbands but I can manage bigger armies to.
All prices are set individually.

Here is my thread in P&M Showcase: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/734912.page

Contact me at: manu.miniatures@gmail.com

My Facebook page, Like it if you would: https://www.facebook.com/ManuMiniaturesPaintingService/

My older works:

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Please check out my Facebook page. Like it if you would.
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut


Howdy-ho there Dakka.
I'm an artist in need of more practice! I plan to take commissions from people that tend towards the cheap side of things and if I like ya' I tend to give stuff away for free. I mean I gotta seem as informal as possible right when proposing business?
Below I have included three pictures of my more recent work, sadly I don't have good lighting supplies, still working on it. But yeah, none the less I will give you guys the run down, I'm not nearly good enough to be charging a high amount, but I'm coming here to offer services that are affordable, with a laid back attitude and efficient work. I'll even build the miniature for free, to me it's a hobby first, and a profession second. I enjoy the whole process of building and painting so the money is just a bonus.
I also just need to straight up practice! I pride myself on my ability to make things look vaguely natural, and blending things together with multiple layers, I'm not too good at free handing much of anything sadly but again with this I hope to practice (Don't worry, with the people I've already worked with I make it a policy not to send back a mini that looks like garbage. If I mess up I will fix it before sending it)

My prices are highly flexible, as mentioned I don't treat this much like a business, I treat this as a hobby where I could get paid doing it. Hell, I'm half willing to just paint for free some times because I like doing it (I almost painted a Leviathan Dreadnaught for free because it looked like it would be super freaking fun to paint)
My prices are simple to get. It's half the price of the miniature, not the set (Unless you get me to paint a full set) so say you get me to do a full set of tactical marines. They are $50 (CAD) total, divide that by ten, it's five bucks per mini, I'll gladly paint a space marine for $2.50 (CAD)
That being said it is within reason, if I don't think it is worth the price I will paint I will negotiate it either down or up, like for me, a Rhino is not worth half the price because it's all flat edges unless it's something special like a Chaos Rhino
I'm very negotiable.

Where to find me:
Here mostly, send me a private message and I'll give you other ways to link up with me, and pester me if I am not working fast enough for you! (Also I will post a "This is what I'm doing" vlog on here when I get an order to keep it all up to date.)

Last few house keeping things are that when it comes to shipping, I would prefer it if since you are the one commissioning the miniature for me to paint, that you should pay for the shipping and handling, tis only fair!
-Oh and also I do probably plan to get too happy painting and now and then be like "Nah, you owe me nothing, it was fun to paint these!" So yeah that's a bonus.
-I offer one free touch-up/redo of miniatures you lovely folks either damage, or think I didn't do it right, so if I don't meet your standards or you just want a do over Or hell, if you switch from Salamanders to Imperial fists, I'll do over the army!

Two pictures of a Stone Horn I did for my girlfriends beast claw raiders

Next is some Putrid Blight Kings I did up once upon a time

Again, this is mostly for practice, so I can improve as an artist, while also making a little cash on the side

The Painting update page is listed below

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Fresh-Faced New User

Whiting, IN

Hello, I'm Dave and I'm a Golden Daemon winning painter based out of the south of Chicago. I've been painting Games Workshop minis since the early 90's and can do anything from basic table-top up to display quality work, and can customize and convert your models too should you have the need for it (I've been playing orks for years, so my plasticard skills are sharp like a proppa choppa!). I have decades of paints, tools, techniques, skills, and knowledge to work with here.

I don't do standardized pricing, but rather quote based on the individual job. Painting space marines and ork boyz, for example, are two entirely different ballgames. I'm definitely willing to give a break to something that really catches my eye and has me crazy excited to paint though!

For a quote, please hit me up through my website: https://www.grinnialvex.com

Also, my Dakka thread can be found here:https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/745029.page

Thanks for looking!

[Thumb - Eisenhorn1.jpg]

[Thumb - Ghaz Small.jpg]

[Thumb - GUO Small.jpg]

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Available for commissions. Visit www.grinnialvex.com to view my galleries and get in touch. ORKS IZ DA BEST! 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

North Carolina

Hi all,

My name is Chris and I'm offering a custom terrain and tabletop gaming tile service. While I don't paint minis for commision, I do build and paint terrain! I went to college for art and built decorative wildlife habitats for state aquariums up the east coast of the United States for years. I've taken the skills I learned there and my love of miniatures to create some smaller landscapes over the last year or so! My pricing varies based on the level of detail you have in mind. Shipping cost is also varied depending on project scale. My range starts at $25 +S&H and goes up depending on your needs! I price fairly and I'm certainly competitive! If you have an idea in mind, chances are I can make it happen for you!

Here's a link to my terrain blog in the P&M Forum. https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/715998.page

And this is a link to my Etsy Shop. As an extra layer of buyer protection, I do commission work from there too! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThingsForged
[Thumb - IMG_20180623_114106.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_20170821_172308.jpg]

[Thumb - icm_fullxfull132469176_p5vy7g0uw28c40wwsoks.jpg]

Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Allfatherstudios based In Toronto Ontario Canada.

We do traditional hand painting table top standard with reasonable price points. Some of our work has gone viral on social media.

We use GW and P3 paints.

We specialize in conversions.

Will paint on the cheap for table top standard and can purchase models for you at discounted prices depending on availability to save you some time and money.

Please PM for Details.

Will probably undercut the competition.

picture upload

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