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Regular Dakkanaut

So recently I had a couple of games against my uncle with the Battle Boxes, Cryx vs. Khador.... and wow, khador just seems killer.  Do any of the other boxes really have a chance?  Every turn after the 1st my uncle basically knew he had lost from Sorscha's feat, but we kept playing regardless, I didn't feel like playing a 2 turn game like that. 

But anywho, is there a good strat against Sorscha?  Normally I would be the one not playing Khador so I'm kinda worried about future battle box games... what can you do to counter against the "whoosh" as it's known...?

(BTW I usually play Cryx and will probably play Cygnar more likely in the future)

Made in us
Crafty Clanrat

Austin Metro

Check out the privateer press forums. They are actually very good, unlike the EoT over at GW. http://forums.privateerpress.com/ Most WM players feel that the warcasters in Prime tend to be a little overpowered and underpriced for their abilities. Scorscha is beatable, but its tough with just a battle box. The most common tactic is to make your opponent feel threatened enough to use the freeze defensively and to spread your units out so that the freeze doesn't catch everything. At bigger levels, and especially at 1000+ points with 2 casters Scorscha's feat isn't so bad.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Bellevue, WA

Sorsha is one of the toughest casters in the game due to her feat & spells. Additionally the Khador battle box is definitely the most powerful of the four; played correctly there's not a lot you can do against it.

There's not much of a counter to the actual woosh. Doing the Temporal Turtle with Haley is probably your best bet; or alternatively playing very defensively and making sure to utterly minimize the shots that Sorscha & her jacks will get on your caster after she pops the feat.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

maybe ill just switch to hordes . ill look a little deeper on the PP forums then, I've seen lots of tactics on there but never looked for anti sorscha specific tactics

thanks for the advice though

Made in us
Incorporating Wet-Blending

Houston, TX

BB games are very tough against experienced players. With Denny, use arced Scourge to keep them KD or arced CG to keep a 'jack from doing much. Using BJs to slam his 'jacks around is also fun.

Keep your 'jacks ahead of Denny so if he wants to freez, he can't get everything. Focus on making whatever Sorscha does wrong. If he separates from his 'jacks, run in and arc CG, Venom, Scourge, etc. her. If he stays close, slam a 'jack into her, CG, and/or spam arced Venoms. Rippers can then move in to attack (autohit KD models in close combat). Use your Slayer as bait or to slam the big guys around. Or to eat Sorscha if she gets KD'ed, of course.

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