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Made in nl
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Tilburg, Netherlands

Hi guys.. Long time no posts... been really buzzy building new rooms (also my new hobby room / workshop) where the attic once was. Almost done, only need some more weekends to finish all the painting. After that I can move into my newly build workshop / wargaming room! Yay!

I haven't been sitting entirely still and I've done some painting on my high elf army and bought a nice little studio box with lighting to make better photo's of my work.

So I will try to post weekly pictures of finished work in this tread. Hope you enjoy! And please don't forget to bring out your votes and let me know what you think

Starting off with my Dragon princes.

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Made in us
Repentia Mistress

The icy colors really complement each other nicely. Your freehand is remarkable, too.

Made in nl
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Tilburg, Netherlands

Hey Youidiotkid thanks for your nice words

Here are two more of my units:

Archers and Phoenix guards. I need to take some more pictures of Caradryan and both my fire and frost phoenixes.. they match up as the old Caradryan matches up with the frost phoenix scheme and the regular phoenix guard match up with the fire phoenix... I will try to post them as soon as possible.

Painting background:

I've tried to paint every base unit the same color scheme as the general on the griffon, but tried to give al special units and rare units there's own color schemes based upon the fluf of the unit. Also I tried to paint the elves up a with more grim / battle worn and realistic schemes, because I don't like the unnatural bright colors for elves that sometimes seems regular for high elves (I think it makes them look like candy or little kids toys which is not the look I want for my badass elves

Hope you enjoy! And please leave a vote!

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Made in gb
Poisonous Kroot Headhunter

Those Dragon princes are unreal. As someone slogging through a large High Elf force, also painted with green livery, your results are very inspiring!
Made in nl
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Tilburg, Netherlands

@Scrub: thanks!

Background info on my Dragon princes:

My inspiration came from the fluf and a dragon model I've already painted. Because searching for samples of other dragon princes they all struck me as if they looked like they "meant no harm" with happy blue-ish colors. While the fluf states clearly they cause fear! So I painted them in a mix between the color scheme I used for my dragon, and mixed it with colors I pictured heavy and ancient armor would have. And gave them one nice but cold-ish green color in an effort to not lose the elvish feeling. Also need to take more pictures of the dragon so you can see the comparisons... but it takes up allot of time to make the perfect pictures and process them into one nice display image. So I have to be patient

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