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I arranged to exchange some models with FenrisianStuart21. The deal to be made was for 1 unit of Swooping Hawks, 1 unit of Fire Dragons, and 2x Venoms for my Triarch Stalker, Thunderfire Cannon, and a unit of Necron Destroyers. I sent my models to him on Thursday Feb 12th. After acknowledging my message that my models were on the way to him and that he would send his models to me on the following Thursday, I have not heard anything back from him since then despite numerous attempts on my part to contact him through the Dakka Dakka messaging system. As per the guidelines of the site I have waited nearly a month to post this transaction report about my disappointment in FenrisianStuart21 and his actions regarding this trade. I am posting this for two reasons. the first in hopes that he will see this thread and resolve the issues that I am having with him and barring that, second, to alert all of you of a person who you may not want to trade with in the future on account of this situation.
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Have you tried PMing the Swap Shop mod? Sorry to hear this happened to you.

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Good news and bad news,

Bad news, this isn't the first time..


Good news, it all seems to have worked out in the end.

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Seems you might need to stalk him to get a resolution.

Best of luck.
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