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I've decided to start an alpha legion army. So, whats the best way to paint Alpha legion?
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Chaos Codex page 75

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The main colour in Alpha Legion is aqua blue (leaning more towards blue than green), try mixing Regal blue with Scaly green. It?s best too stick to a cold palette, as it looks more traditional and suits the scheme.

The trim should be a subdued metal like Chainmail with a chaos black rinse over the top to take some of the shine out.

Try to do a scale pattern on small sections of armour. Highlight the scales with pale aqua green.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions.


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    Don't custom mix paint, you'll never be able to get an army done that way. Instead, find three shades of paint you can use in the Cote d'Arms, Vallejo, Reaper, or Liquitex paint lines, and use those.


Looking for the Empire spearmen from the Warhammer sixth edition box set (empire vs orcs) Must be unpainted and in good condition. Also looking for MIB Empire State Troops boxes.

Looking for Battle for Macragge and Black Reach Tactical squads, unpainted and unassembled. 
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 Try painting the armor a dark blue (regal, midnight) and highlight the edges of it with a bright or medium green (scorpion, scaly). I've never tried this before but I have seen it on other models and it looks pretty descent for alpha legion. Hope this helps.


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loyel or chaos (pre hersy or post) chek whitedwarf 276 or index astartes

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page 50 of Infantry Attacks  
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I'd avoid the Seahawks color scheme personally (and I'm a Seahawks fan, if you couldn't tell), as it just dosen't really fit the steath theme. The pre-heresy scheme is pretty cool and fitting.

Awhile back I saw a WIP of an Alpha legion army painted up in psuedo Ultramarine colors, like they had painted themselves to confuse/infiltrate and stolen vehicles for their own use. There was alot of blood smears, graffiti, captives and some chaosy stuff to seperate the army from an actual loyalist army. Kinda cool idea IMHO.

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