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Made in us
Lethal Lhamean

Venice, Florida

The Lost Batrep: 3000 Points – Dark Eldar & Orks vs. Necron Decurion

When prepping my camera for an upcoming campaign me and the crew are putting together I discovered pictures I’d taken of a batrep back in February or something. Since you can’t let a good batrep set of pictures down, I present it now in all its glory!

The Opening Fluff

Few things brought pleasure to Felynlyn Maerrett like proving the superiority of herself, her House, and her race – in that order. Thus it was that she was left with a difficult decision to make. The Necrons, amongst the oldest of her people’s enemies lay encroached upon this planet like an infectious tapeworm, burrowed into the guts of it and sucking it dry. The pleasure of proving that even soulless automatons could feel fear and pain, and the glory of destroying this incursion were prizes of much worth.

But the cost…

“Oi! Are you for serious now? Da littlest little whip smack of a girl is da boss. Yer pullin’ me leg!” The Ork Warboss snorted as he shook his head.

“I’m dead serious, boss,” answered the seemingly much more intelligent creature that was huddeled by the Boss’ feet, clawed hands gripping his tatteredkneepad as he shouted to be heard.

“Naw, I mean yer pullin’ me leg!” The Ork shook off the gretchin, giving him an extra kick for good measure – an action met with polite applause from a few of his retinue of warriors who opted to show their support by edging up and getting a few kicks of their own in on the squealing grot. “Now, you, weedy gal, you da boss?”

“Yes,” answered Felynlyn tersely.

“I but laugh,” offered Kirst’takiss Maerrett, her younger sister, in a deadpan voice. The haemonculous having been the one who had insisted upon the alliance, assuring Felynlyn that during the War in Heaven an alliance of True Kin and Ork-kind had easily been the match of the Necrons. “You should kill one of the big ones to ensure you are respected,” she stage-whispered. The Orks paused at this and then began to laugh uproariously.

“Whot? Killed by dis little lawn poppet inna skirt? Har! That’ll be da day when dat happe-“

The Warboss’ head slid off his shoulders as Felynlyn snapped her wrist to cleanse the blood from her archite glaive. The assembeled Ork nobz kind of let out a collective sigh of disappointment as the Warboss toppled backwards.

“We are going to fight the Necron, I am in charge, anyone else have issue with my size?”

Another few Orks strongly suggested she still remained too small, not even seeming to understand that her ordering the Grotesques of her sister to rip them apart had any correlation to this opinion, but eventually one of them seemed to twig to the idea and loudly proclaimed her size as “propah”.

And thus the battle alliance was formed.


The Rules of Battle


We went rather simple this mission. 6 objectives worth one point each, Killpoints, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, and First Blood all in effect.

The Armies


I didn’t take pictures of them, I have no idea why (probably because we were either in a time crunch, or John’s better half had not allowed us to take over the kitchen and dining room tables for army setup)

Also, sine the battle was a long while ago, I am at a loss to say what everyone brought. I do know the Necrons were packing the Decurion, my Dark Eldar were my usual sort of spread with Raiders, Venoms, some Grots and a Succubus, et al. John’s Orks looked to be his favored options of Grots to hold objectives and Tankbustas to cause mischief.

The Setup

The battle will take place in the ruins of an Imperial firebase, overrun by the awakening Necron forces.

The Golden Horde has brought many powerful tools to battle.

Surrounded by parts of his Court, the Necron Lord has such wondrous plans to strip all life from the planet’s surface.

Squads of Wraiths await the order to spring from the shadows and strike.

Arrayed against them is the luckiest blue army evah!

Flying the colors of House Maerrett – the Dark Eldar array in battle alongside their bestial Ork allies.

Burna Buggies lurk alongside Venoms, ready to inflict some pain on the Necron infantry…or to sit there and mumble that Reanimation Protocols are busted – one or the other.

A few surviving Imperials found themselves in service with the CoMorkissar as useful bullet sacks…uh…we mean Grots…eh, same difference.

The Battle

Seizing the initiative – the Orks and Dark Eldar surge forward.

This Ravager opens up with an attempt to pick apart some Wraiths early.

This Raider takes the high ground, giving its lance a commanding view of the battlefield.

“Waaaagh! Let’s go stomp in dere metal ‘eads…or at least dent dem up, or somfink!”
The newly minted Warboss inspires his men and issues battle orders.

The limited enemy shooting hardly phases the Wraiths as they happily drift forward, seeking prey.

A second squad of Wraiths approach the Ork battlewagon line.

The Necrons threat detection classifies the Orks as the larger menace, as they drift past the Dark Eldar to get to grip with the greenskins. This insult shall not go unavenged! Or…at least we’ll listen to some Evanescence, alone in our room while writing dark poetry – you’ll rue the day machine!

The golden horde advances with slow and deadly purpose.

The Wraiths get to work, materializing into solid form to slash and tear apart the questionably constructed battlewagon.

Fearing the bad poetry – the Scarabs also go to town on the Raider, depositing Felynlyn and her Grotesque bodyguards unceremoniously in front of them.

A Raider looking to avoid some of the battle immobilizes itself on a landing pad, whilst a Razorwing jetfighter hoves into view and eyeballs the tightly packed blob of Necrons on the hill.

With battlewagons being torn to shreds, the Dark Eldar sweep in to pick away at the distracted Necrons, their lances finding a home on the Wraiths, though struggling to permanently put down the vile creatures.

Skorcha Buggies find out that metal doesn’t burn as well as other, non-metal things do.

The Ravager aids the Orks by picking away more at the Wraiths.

“You, vermin, kill these metal vermin!” Practicing the diplomacy of her people, Felynlyn motioned for her Grotesques to follow her, she had other prey in mind.

They positioned themselves, eyeing the Necron Warlord, as Felynlyn issued a mocking war cry.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to bring in a lot of Orks to help the assault also.

A lot of focused shooting poured into the Wraiths, with little discernable effect.

The Orks and Dark Eldar smashed into the Necron lines, causing some respectable damage with blades and boots that their bullets and bombs had failed to accomplish.

The Wraiths start to sweep around the back edge of the Ork and Eldar lines, what mischief can they get up to?

The blue horde continues to push forward, planning if, nothing else, to drown the objectives in blue before the golden Necrons can get there. They may not be able to kill Wraiths, but at the end of the day it’s still an objective mission.

The squad of Wraiths still on the front lines is displeased with the amount of shooting they’ve been absorbing, and seek to end some of it. Their claws flash as they engage the greenskins in combat.

The center hill is still pretty hotly contested.

The Dark Eldar killed their way through the Necrons they could get ahold of, while the Orks bog down with the larger squad.

Necron Croissants sweep across the sky, raining down tesla weaponry on the enemy infantry below.

Necron…dragonflys…seriously, what is even the connective theme of this army? But, in any case, they show up and overpower a Ravager.

The Crons make a move against the Grots, bringing firepower and assault elements to bear.

The Stalker is prevented from getting in courtesy of a rather large bit of shrubbery though – huzzah for whiffed movement! (or ‘boo’ depending on which army you’re rooting for as you read this – I know I always pick a side…usually just whichever army I play more. People play Dark Eldar, fyi!)

The Overlord decides he wants out of the assault, and ports away with his men, the Orks jeer rudely.

The Wraiths swinging around the rear flank finally find a juicy target, intending to deal with the objective squatters.

“Pssst! Joe! You get down low behind him, and I’ll tap him on the shoulder, when he turns around he’ll trip – it’ll be hilarious!”

Having eaten Orks for the appetizer, the other Wraithwing heads in for a Ravager main course – not being too fond of all those darklight shots.

The Grots eyeball the metal bugs. Surely no one would be foolish enough to assault Dark Eldar?

Oh gawdz!
His reanimating swarms slam into my Feeling No Pain meatsacks, for a grinding brawl.

The Overlord is met with a heated welcome from the buggies.

The Dark Eldar use their mobility, darting all across the battlefield to fire upon numerous targets.

The Crons are still having difficulty penetrating the Ork/DEldar side of the board.

More Crons appear, cutting down a Venom and most of its crew.

The tankbusta filled battlewagon is made a priority.

Buggies are cut apart.

The battlewagon is wrecked and the tankbustas forced to rumble out.

Other brawls continue.

With their instant death causing poisoned weaponry, the Grots prove a steady foe to the Crons, and the Succubus is able to keep cutting up the Scarabs to keep their numbers low. The Dark Eldar are winning the war of attrition.

The Tankbustas hold their morale and begin sending out more waves of rokkits.

One of the Necron flyers is cut down, though the other two remain a threat.

Still, the Ork and DEldar lines hold, as does their possession of most of the objectives.

Even a damaged and weaponless buggie has uses, as long as it can still move to objective markers.

While the Wraiths still chew slowly through the grots below, the Dark Eldar hold the home objective.

Objectives are counted, Necrons have First Blood, no one has the Warlord, both sides have Linebreaker, but the Dark Eldar and Orks are holding 4 of the 6 objectives.

Ork and Dark Eldar alliance wins!

The Ending Battle Review

Necron MVP
The Wraiths – they were as tough as old shoe leather, fast as lightning, and really did the bulk of the work for the Crons.

Necron WTF
I can’t really say anything didn’t do work on the Cron side. But I suppose the Triarch Stalker really did the least. It kind of wandered around, vaguely doing nothing, and didn’t even draw much fire. I suspect MarcusScipio will agree that he could have had better use for points elsewhere if not for the Decurion.

DEldar/Ork MVP

Maneuverability – is that an option? Our side mostly won because we had a lot of quick moving pieces, and were able to saturate the board quickly and hold objectives. Being ObjSec also really helped as it prevented a lot of the Crons from even challenging our stuff. So, probably our MVP was the CAD

DEldar/Ork WTF

I think this was one of my first times vs. the Decurion and the Newcrons, and I was shocked at how “meh” my Razorwing pieplates did against the blob of Warriors. I’m used to 4x Str 6 Large Blasts basically eating a large hole in any infantry blob. I am pretty sure I had something like 20 wounds on him and he had to remove two models after saves were done. It was kind of a kick in the gut. In a perfect world I could have just done better with more Venoms methinks.

Thor665's Dark Eldar Tactica - A comprehensive guide to all things DE (Totally finished...till I update bits and pieces!)
Thor665's battle reports DE vs. assorted armies.
Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast It's a podcast, about Dark Eldar.
Dashofpepper wrote:Thor665 is actually a Dark Eldar god, manifested into electronic bytes and presented here on dakkadakka to bring pain and destruction to all lesser races. Read his tactica, read his forums posts, and when he deigns to critique or advise you directly, bookmark it and pay attention.
Made in us
Cackling Daemonic Dreadnought of Tzeentch

Ellenton, Florida

So, where does Dark Eldar poetry rank versus Vogon poetry?

Excellent batrep. That was a fun game. Those new 'crons are resilient, and Marcus Scipio is a dangerous foe.

Made in us
Lethal Lhamean

Venice, Florida

Agreed, I think if this had been a killpoint mission we would have been toast - though maybe we were doing okay using victory points? Of course without objectives his Wraiths could have been a lot more focused rather than running around and getting in slap fights with Grots too

Thor665's Dark Eldar Tactica - A comprehensive guide to all things DE (Totally finished...till I update bits and pieces!)
Thor665's battle reports DE vs. assorted armies.
Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast It's a podcast, about Dark Eldar.
Dashofpepper wrote:Thor665 is actually a Dark Eldar god, manifested into electronic bytes and presented here on dakkadakka to bring pain and destruction to all lesser races. Read his tactica, read his forums posts, and when he deigns to critique or advise you directly, bookmark it and pay attention.
Made in ie
Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Really nice rep, well set out and great pics.

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
Made in us
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

nice game. against the power creep of the current codexs one of the few hopes to win is through objective based games. most current armies with horribly written nerf for the love of the emperor super cheese rules often focus around small model count, if we keep trukkin with enough bodies we can grab victory through board presence.

numbers wont kill the enemy outright, but it will leave the countryside devastated and all the important loot carried off with.

"dont put all yer boyz in one trukk" "umless its dredds, then take as much uf those as possible"

geargutz interpretation of the 'umies "eggs in one basket" 
Made in us
Cackling Daemonic Dreadnought of Tzeentch

Ellenton, Florida

The other armies can keep their so called 'cheese' rules.
Tactics still count.
Orks are better at objective games than people give them credit for.

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