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Made in ca

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Working on terrain, Orks, Infinity and whatever flits across my line of sight.

Let's start with something that requires minimal effort!

I've had a FAT Mat for a while, and just picked up a Deep cut mouse pad mat so I thought I'd do a quick comparison.

Deep Cut 6x4 mouse pad Swamp mat

FAT Mat 6x4 Barren Wasteland

Cloth: Deep Cut had more accurate pictures of how their mat printed on the mousepad fabric. If you have a vinyl/other version of a mat the mouse pad version will almost certainly be darker than that.
Both have solid detail and texture. Nothing too specific that it would strongly interfere with terrain placement.

Pad material: Very similar. Strong and grippy in both cases. FAT mat is thicker, I'm not sure that it would be noticeable gaming day to day, unless you're constantly dropping resin models all over it.

Overall: I'm ultimately happy with both.
I find the FAT mat a bit odd in that it's not quite desert, not quite 'red sands of mars', it is darker than I was expecting.
The Deep Cut mat is a great general greenery mat and would suit swamps, forests, sci-fi and fantasy. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it.

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Made in nz
Strategizing Grey Knight Chapter Master

Auckland New Zealand

I've always been looking to get a gaming mat and I wasn't aware of Deep Cut, having a look at their shipping (which is what killed me ordering from Front Line Gaming - was going to cost me almost as much as the mat to send it to me) it seems really reasonable! so thank you very much for giving me another option for a gaming mat

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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

I also got the swamp mat from Deep Cut and really like it! Very nice comparison there plastictrees
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