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Hey guys, I'm back again but this time with a new project, the Adeptus Arbites

Who are the Adeptus Arbites
These dudes are essentially Space Cops (or Cops in Spaaace) and yet they are also so much more.
Their prime job is to make sure the local planetary government is adhering to imperial law and have been paying their tithes. They're not concerned with theft, vandalism, or even murder (though murder of a high ranking official will draw their interest) These are all for the local government to deal with.
They will step in however to suppress out of control citizen revolt, rogue planetary governments, or in case of invasion (xeno or otherwise).

Think of them as the FBI/KGB of the Imperium

Why Adeptus Arbites?
I recently downloaded and played the Titanium Wars mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm and in it I especially enjoyed playing about with a new custom faction, the Administratum.
They represent the Planetary Defense Force for whatever map you are playing and, once their Headquarters has been fully upgraded, can call on assistance from various other factions such as the Tau, Space Marines, and Chaos Space Marines. This lets you build and control a number of their units to fight along side your PDF. The first combat units you can access with this faction are the Adeptus Arbites who were my favorite part of playing the faction. Rather than call for help I liked to bolster the planetary defense and pump out swarms of Arbites.
These are how the Arbites look ingame.

As well as this I've always toyed with the idea of a prominently Space Marine Scout army and this just so happens to be the perfect fit. I've also been wanting to get back into actual 40k lore instead of trying to come up with everything from scratch like my Space Samurai.
On that note; do not fret if you have been following the progress on my space marine samurai, I will be continuing work on them again in the future

Without further delay, here is my progress thus-far:

He's still held together with blu-tac at this stage.

The parts I used are: Cadian head, Scout arms, Scion legs, and the torso has been custom sculpted from the torsos I made for my Space Samurai, which originally was a Scions torso I bulked up with plasticard and GS.
I'm still not finished on this fellow, there is still some details I've yet to add and also further adjustments to make to each piece so they fit together nicely. For the right shoulder I will get my hands on a Sternguard Veteran Shoulder Pad so that I may replicate the eagle pattern and bulk it up a little.
Here's a basic example of my plans.

As for the Arbites with sheilds and mauls, I'll be using Inquisitorial allies, specifically the Crusaders as well as some Arco Flagellants to count as Cyber-Mastiffs.
I'll take Coteaz as their HQ as his hammer fits the 'blunt object' thing they got going on and his Cyber Eagle has similar stats to a Shotgun (if you picture some kind of badass, technologically-advanced shotgun).

I think that's it for now. Any and all questions, comments, or criticisms are welcome


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So I realise I've been neglecting to keep this thread updated. I have not, however, been neglecting this project.

Here is a mock-up of the same model in several different poses as well as one with a Heavy Stubber which has been altered to look and be used as a Heavy Bolter.
I also managed to get a shoulder pad from the sternguard(?) kit which I plan to give to all my Arbites on their right shoulder. Admittedly a bit of a nod toward judge dread
It may look like a green pile in the photos but I think they'll paint up nicely.

A while ago, when I got the cadian heads, I bought some shields and mauls from the Maxmini webstore as well as some of their shotguns. 3 Weeks after payment and checking my mailbox I get an email saying my order has shipped... Well it didn't take long to get here after that at least. I will never know if they realised they kept me waiting so long or not but in the package was an extra maul and shield and also a single "Space Police Helmet" free of charge. Not Bad... Unfortunately the shotguns were way too small. Possibly even so for AM guardsmen.
I've also been trying to think of a way to add more detail to the armour and decided on rivets as I'd recently changed my brita water jug filter and, from reading other people's advice, decided to open the filter up and pour out the contents. Unfortunately sifting through the tiny bits of charcoal for tiny balls of plastic takes a long time, and if you drop the container you're separating them into onto the carpet, say goodbye.
Fortunately there's an easier way of separating them rather than picking them out one by one. Use a sheet of paper, position like a halfpipe lightly sloping down into a container, pour a small amount of the filter sand onto the top of the paper, watch the balls roll down into the container. shift the sand around a bit and give the paper a light jiggle, more will come out

This is pretty much where I'm at with this project. I've made a mould of the torso to begin replicating, I have a total of 5 Scion legs in various stages of conversion and a whole bunch of scout arms as well as scion arms to use on some dudes. I'm lacking slightly in weaponry.
dispite that shotguns are the Adeptus Arbits weapon of choice I've decided to give them mostly bolters and where possible I've slipped in a Storm Bolter which is what I will be using rule wise to represent Arbite shotguns with Executioner rounds which, as I understand, make their shots more powerful and more accurate. Considering that both SM shotguns and Storm Bolters have S4 Assault2 it's not a stretch to say that the extra range and AP3 of the SB makes it more powerful and more accurate The only issue there is what do I use to represent this? If I want it to appear as a shotgun but obviously isn't just another SM Shotgun I will probably have to convert something myself. I have been thinking of ways to convert a bolter to look like a beefy shotgun, most likely with two barrels stacked vertically at the end as a sort of nod back towards the fact that it is a Counts As storm bolter. Another idea I had (which will be easier but cost more and probably not look as good) is to take the SM Shotgun, trim off the barrel tips at the end and replace with 2 bolter tips, add a drum mag to the gun in the spot between the scouts hands and voila! suped up shotgun.

I'm also working on a Landspeeder Storm (a christmas present i got ) which I've lengthened slightly and plan on giving upward opening doors for the passengers. I know these things are open canopy but I will be mostly enclosing the vehicle. Do not fear however as the driver and shotgun passenger will be enclosed by a simple opaque glass dome (orange or red) I just have to find the perfect shaped plastic spoon (a translucent red or orange spoon would be pretty badass if I did it right). And the passenger compartment in the back will have several large windows as well as the hinged door which will stay open when transporting troops and closed when it is not(I'll probably model them hanging out the windows/doors shooting and stuff) the compartment is also slightly larger thanks to the extension and I have cut and shuffled the benches around though accidentally glued without looking and sealed in the shotgun detail on the back wall with a bench... oh well... You'll have to wait for pictures

P.s. the Arbitrator in the picture with the maul and shield would be fielded as a Crusader. If anyone would like to see my attempted SM Scouts/Inquisitor army list let me know, I would appreciate any feedback you might want to give.

Thanks for reading

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Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Love this idea. I originally started doing Arbites for my Inquisition army but burned out quick. It was fun, just wrong army. I used empire legs and scout shotguns with cadian torsoes and a mix of helmets. I think Vanguard heads may work as well. Off my soap box about my endeavours.

Your Arbites are brilliant, you are very skilled with green stuff and I envy you for that. It is too bad you don't make a mold of the helmet just to save you time of green stuffing visors. Love your color scheme and I am excited to see finished painted Arbites. Definitely subscribed, thanks for posting.
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Hey, small update here. Like I mentioned in my previous post I would be converting a Bolter into a shotgun to count as a storm bolter and I was wondering, would you consider this converted bolter to adequately represent a Storm Bolter? Specifically in the hands of a non-Space Marine (Henchmen/Scout) model?

This is still a WIP, the final result will be more polished (thinking about adding a sight to the top). I just wanted to get some other people's perspective on the idea before I continue.
Once finished I'll be making GS copies to equip my Arbites with

I hope it ticks all the boxes for a Counts As SB. It's made out of a bolter, has two barrels, lacks a mag or ammo feed but one could assume that between shooting they pop a couple more rounds in


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The Chief Justice approves of your work, and ask that you continue to impress

It's time to go full Skeletor  
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Boom! Leman Russ Commander

I will be keeping tabs on this. I've always wanted to see such an army play out!

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Looking good so far, nice work on the helmets.

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Haha my last post on this thread was legit one year ago!
Might be a little while yet folks.
Been out of the hobby for a little till I'm in a more financially stable position.
I have a minor model update but my phone (which had an amazing camera) broke and I've not been able to get any new photos.
Still, I appreciate the kind words and will undoubtedly contribute toward me jumping back in sooner rather than later

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Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Too bad the project got waylaid by life, that's some great work!

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Xanderec, Have you thought of using acolyte from the genestealer cult models? I feel as if it has the molding you are looking for the legs

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An unknown location in the Warp

This is tasty, sir! The idea with the water filter derived rivets is grand. I am keen to see more of these guys, always enjoyed their role in the Imperium.

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