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Hi guys,
So, I have a growing IG army, painted with a camo scheme, as you can see in the pictures.
However, the officer has a very long mantle, and I don't think the camo would be nice on it.
At first, I thought of doing a bi colour scheme, with the torso, the arm etc in camo, and the legs dark blue or grey.
But the mantle is so long the legs are hidden, and I can't do a bicolour scheme.
I searched for ideas in the real world and in the 40k but either it is bicolour scheme, or it is just green.
My guards don't have a "primary / prevailing colour" like the Cadian, for example, so I can't just paint the mantle this way (totally green or totally brown, it would just don't fit with the others guardsmen, I guess)
Any idea ?
Ah, if only we could see his legs...
[Thumb - DSC_0514.JPG]
The Officer

[Thumb - DSC_0457.JPG]
A Guardsman

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I'd go for a "traditional" military greatcoat. Simple, brown coat wouldn't be to jarring, and would still make him stand out as one of the important leaders/officers of the army.

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Made in fr
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Thanks, I painted him, mainly brown, and it is doing pretty well.

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