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Made in ca
Infiltrating Moblot

Well this is my first foray into historical mini games and I chose to paint up some German infantry. Having yet to play this game I'm basically going from my readings of the books. I took the MG teams as I've seen the recent erratta that improves them, and I can Kampfgruppe two of the guys onto my Company HQ (two MG42's put out the same firepower as 4 of the old ones).

Here's what the list looks like. I'm considering dropping the smallish Grenadier platoon for a scout platoon to put some recce into the army and keep anti tank teams from flanking my Tiger.

Company HQ w/ Anti Tank rifle team (1 squad from each maxed platoon is Grupped with it, as are 2 MG42's).

Maxed Grenadier Company w/ Light Mortar, Panzerknackers

Maxed Grenadier Company w/ Light Mortar, Panzerknackers

Min Grenadier Company w/ Light Mortar, Panzerknackers (may become scout platoon)

MG42 platoon w/ 4 Squads

Mortar Platoon w/ 4 Mortars

Infantry Gun Team w/ 2 sIG33's (for some extra anti tank and an arty barrage)

Tiger 1E (cuz really... you gotta)


So I've got a bucket of highly trained infantry, a decent base of fire from the COMPHQ, Mortars and a light arty unit in support and a Tiger to scare the crap out of enemy tanks. My two sticking points are the lack of AA defence (experienced players can help me here... are planed a huge threat in this game... they look sporatic on paper) and no recce to keep me from having hidden anti-tank guns flank my very expensive tiger.

Advice is appreciated!

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