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Wild Fire Mission in HORDES great fun.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

We played a 4 player Wild Fire mission and had a blast.

By turn 5, the entire table was engulfed in flame, with all models taking a POW 12 hit every turn.

The 4 players were Cryx, Cygnar w/ Stryker, Cygnar with Caine, and Everblight.

A bit of bad luck allowed me to kill the Cryx player early, but Everblight was putting a powerful hurt on Caine's force as the fire expanded.

Caine managed to blink a bit to dodge damage, but eventually the two warcasters were walking around with all their focus shielding themselves (plus Stryker had Arcane Shield up) while the everblight caster was transfering damage into his warbeasts like a fiend.


Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

How'd you find it balancing between Hordes and WM? A POW 12 hit is pretty threatening to just about everything in a Hordes list, but jacks can soak that up a bit more readily, and casters can just boost up armor to avoid it while warlocks have to shunt the damage (but something still takes it).

I love the idea of the mission, but am thinking it wouldn't be quite fair for a WM player to be in on it...
Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

We played 4 players, with 1 being Everblight. He did just fine, although his list was the big dragon warbeasts with Armor 18 that could be increased to 20 via animus.

The other thing to remember is that generally the Hordes beasts are faster, so have an easier time avoiding the fire. And, although the caster has to transfer damage, he can also heal his warbeasts. Remember it only takes 1 fury point to transfer damage, which leaves a lot to still be agressive with or heal. Meanwhile the Warcasters were taking little damage but had to husband ther focus to keep their armor up. As the fires spread, casters couldn't afford to allocate focus to their Jacks.

It actually hurt the Caine Cygnar player the worst, as he had gone with light jacks (hunters), long gunners and solos. They had to keep moving to avoid fire, and the Warbeasts terror causing breath weapons eventually routed them off the table.

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