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Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Way Too Near London

Figured it was time to start one of these.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus from 40K -- painting and playing alike -- but have found a lot of enjoyment in starting to paint up my Blood Rage minis, as well as working on undead and adventurers for fantasy games such as Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant, and A Song of Blades and Heroes. Doubtless 40K painting will return someday.

Assuming nobody objects, I will also be putting up some pics of painted-up Nerf guns and maybe costume items for a 40K-style Ork LARP game that I'm going to soon. I realise this may be considered slightly off-topic for the forum, but I figure people will probably be interested since it's basically more painting and modelling of stuff in the 40K universe (just in a 1:1 scale!). I'll just upload a WIP pic of my two Sluggas to begin with, and will add more Ork costuming/props stuff if there is interest.

My minis painting is not the greatest in the world! And, my photography setup is also not brilliant -- I have a pretty decent phone camera but no lightbox as yet. I plan to pick up a small lightbox soon, which should let you all see my painting errors in finer detail.

Blood Rage stuff first. I loved painting the big monsters from this. They're incredibly detailed, but felt just as easy to paint as Bones.

Frost Giant

Mountain Giant -- I really enjoyed finding lots of different ways to do shades of leathery brown on this one.


Mystic Troll


These are just about finished, I think. I am currently working on the Fire Giant and Sea Serpent, as well as having made a start on some of the regular Vikings and the Gods.

Next is a teaser pic for the Ork Nerf/LARP stuff. More available if there is interest!

This is a WIP shot of my shoota and two sluggas. The starting points are all Nerf guns: a Mega Rotofury, a Rebelle Sweet Revenge, and a Zombie Strike Doublestrike.

At this point, the following stages are complete (and I do have pics documenting them for anyone who wants to see):

1) Modelling: add ork glyphs and details in high impact plastic, craft foam, hot glue, epoxy putty (used to create heavily rusted areas and hide Nerf logos, with a light layer of putty which is then hit repeatedly with an embossing tool when still malleable), plasticard, corrugated plastic sheet (sign material type stuff -- used because it can be easily damaged to create another layer of weathering), modelling paste, Fuller's Earth (for rust, again), PVA, etc. Also at this stage, various cuts, scuffs, scratches, scores and other impact damage is added with a craft knife.

2) Undercoat some areas in Barbarian Flesh (Army Painter) and a bright Chromium Orange, to provide a couple of different rusty basecoats.

3) Marmite (actually chocolate spread -- it's cheaper) weathering and salt weathering.

4) Spray in Plasticote gloss black.

5) Scrub lightly to get the weathering from (3) complete

6) Rust effects: Modelmates rust effect paint is added, along with Vallejo Dark Rust and Vallejo Light Rust, in various layers, both on the pre-weathered areas and elsewhere.

7) Glyphs and other areas are painted, deliberately Orkishly i.e. not very neatly.

8) Fabric is added for detailing / sling / grip etc.

9) A few globby dabs of dark woodstain are applied in recesses to give an oily, dirty effect.

Next stages will be some mud effects using Fuller's Earth and PVA, and a coat or two of varnish.

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Serpent King Games: Dragon Warriors Reborn!

Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Way Too Near London

Had a bit of a hiatus after the busiest ever month in work.

Made a start on painting my Genestealer Cultists, at last, as well as some progress on undead.

Here's five Copplestone Castings "Bareheaded Troopers" as Genestealer Cultists, with head swaps and a bit of milliput.

I think they look fine beside the other Cultists -- here's WIP paint jobs.

All minis in the pic have had a black undercoat, blue zenithal spray, and two home-made purple washes on fleshy areas. The Neophytes then all got one light coat of Pale Flesh or Dwarf Flesh over exposed skin, so that some of the original bluey purples showed through, and then another purple wash. Much more still to do on these, but I like them so far.

Serpent King Games: Dragon Warriors Reborn!

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Nice use of those metal human in the GSC, they fit in really well.

Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Way Too Near London

Thanks Evil!

Had another bit of a hiatus but got some painting in over Xmas and in the run-up to it, including (gasp!) very nearly finishing some minis...

I'm not one of your bona fide expert painters though so am uploading them here in their almost-finished state for some constructive criticism.

First up, two of GW's undead cavalry. Got these as a bit of an experiment, splitting the box with my son (who got three). We were both massively impressed with the minis, though, and will be buying more I think. At the time the intention was to use them with Dragon Rampant, but I think we'll be playing more Kings of War now so ideally need more.

I'm happy with the look of the cloth, other than the banner (which wants a lot more work). The armour is looking OK too, I think. Need to finish off the bases, though, and add some highlighting to some other bits like the vines and plume.

Next is a batch of skeletons with hand weapons and shields. These are a mix of Mantic, Frostgrave, and the odd Reaper Bones one. Not shown are the shields, as I'm reworking them a bit, but I'll get a pic up eventually... I'm happy enough with these for a mass of infantry, especially the slime on the Milliput paving slabs.

Finally, the official Frostgrave Wight. This was my first experiment aiming for the moldy, decayed cloth look that can be seen on some of the other minis, and it looks OK but unfortunately doesn't seem to have photographed too well. :(

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Serpent King Games: Dragon Warriors Reborn!

Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Way Too Near London

Long time, no update! I've mostly been writing up my PhD, so crafting time has been rare and often somewhat desperate in nature.

I've been obsessing over Frostgrave terrain, mostly, so this update is about my work on that front.

This is a riser, of 50mm high foam, just to allow for upper levels to the ruined city. I have a few of these on the go. No paint job yet. I've carved flagstones into the top and stone retaining walls into the sides.

Here's a metal, house-shaped lantern I picked up for £1 in a charity shop, with the first of my modifications to turn it into a medieval style house:

And a few hours later, with most of the building done on the front at least. I still need to add a thatched roof and finish detailing the sides and back, before starting to paint it up.

Finally, some shots of an Amera ruined tower, based on styrofoam, with styrofoam and craft foam flagstones, and cork walls, added to make a terraced area. These are in roughly chronological order during the build and paint. Still needs some more painting, varnishing, flocking, etc., and I will also add an MDF base under the styrofoam...

Close-up of the steps:

And wall:

Action shot, with lich wizard and cultists, after a bit more paint...

Serpent King Games: Dragon Warriors Reborn!

Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Way Too Near London

Small amount of progress on the riser... It's now glued to a 300mm square base of 3mm MDF. The riser takes up half the base, so I can eventually have a bunch of risers in a row to represent the upper levels. Some risers will take up 3/4 or 1/4 of the base rather than the 1/2 as in this one. I also plan to do some double-height risers, for even higher level adventure.

Steps and stone wall by Scotia Grendel.

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Serpent King Games: Dragon Warriors Reborn!

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