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Made in jp
Regular Dakkanaut

I recently had the chance to inspect some of the models I have in storage, so I decided to photograph them. Since my P&M thread moves at a glacial pace I thought I'd post the pictures here as a retrospective showcase. I've only posted models that were painted, but please excuse the occaisional unpainted base.

First up, one of the first figures that I ever painted, the Mk. X Abomination-class chaos dreadnought from Space Crusade.

When I came to take the picture I discovered that the painted torso component had gone missing, so I had to substitute an unpainted one.

Next are some Second Edition Orks, including classic Ghazaghkull Thraka and Blood Axe Kommandos. Orks were going to be my 2nd edition army but I paint so slowly that I never got that far.

Thereafter I dallied with Space Marines before moving on to Eldar (hence Eldrad below). The red and green guys are from a homebrew chapter called the Stellar Dragons. I have two squads of bolter-hugging tactical marines similarly painted, but didn't manage to get them photographed.

Lastly two random xenos, a very blinged-out classic Necron and a Dark Eldar who was the prototype for a borg-style Dark Eldar army that never happened.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Eldar, specifically Alaitoc, were my main army from late 2nd edition through to the end of 3.5. There is more to this army, including Harlequins and enough Rangers to field the Alaitoc list from Codex: Craftworlds, but they are unpainted.

I really liked the spear that the original Orion model had, so I converted my Avatar to wield it. I thought the hair looked too static so I modelled the figure without it.

Farseer and Warlocks. The Farseer has had his helmet vanes removed because I thought they looked silly.

Phoenix Lord Baharoth. The feather plumes were painted with the really old Citadel metallic colours.

The only one of my Harlequins to see some paint, and a converted Howling Banshee exarch.

Dire Avengers, Storm Guardians and Defender Guardians. The Storm Guardians are made with the plastic arms and weapons that went with the original 2nd edition metal guardians.

Warp Spiders and Dark Reapers.

Dreadnought, War Walker and D-cannon. The War Walker was an early attempt at a textured base using Das clay, and it really needs rebasing!

Vehicles. Both of them have converted weapons load-outs.

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Made in jp
Regular Dakkanaut

Sisters of Battle were my main army for the end of 3rd edition into 4th edition. I was inspired by the Witch Hunters codex and planned to have allied medieval-style guardsmen, redemptionist mobs, the works. Of course I never got that far but did complete the Sororitas core of the army, which you see the painted parts of here. In retrospect it's apparent that they would benefit from a wash on the faces, and possibly the armour. I'm still quite proud of the 'mud' bases though.

These are the Order of the Crimson Rose, a minor order split from the Order of the Sacred Rose. They use a similar colour scheme but the armour is bone rather than white.

Celestian command squad

Battle Sister Squads

Priests, Archo-flagellants and the only member of my Redemptionist mob to get painted.

Penitent Engine. Although an awesome miniature, this was a real pain to assemble and I discovered upon unpacking it that I never actually quite finished it. It also decided to part company with its base when I was handling it, hence the blu-tac.

Group shot

Around the same time as this army I was also playing the Inquisitor 54mm game. Here are the only two figures that I ever completely painted, Sgt. Willas on the left and Cpl. Dolan on the right.

Willas was based on a catachan special character model, while Dolan was prototyped in 28mm before I built the larger figure, so here they are with their mini-me's.

Lastly, here are two miniatures I completed more recently. The Space Wolves Long Fang is a classic metal model with a plastic heavy bolter. Being designed for a shoulder-mounted weapon, the model has some nice detail on the front of the torso, but this is unfortunately obscured by the modern weapon.

The shark man is a Meroid from the board game Descent. It's cast in red plastic to indicate it is an elite version of the standard creature, so the base was painted red to preserve this identiying feature.

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

It's been about five years since I last updated this thread. In 2020 I painted more miniatures than I had in all those previous five years combined, so I thought it was time for another update.
All but three of these miniatures were painted as entries to the Dakkadakka Painting Challenge. You can see WIP pictures of them in my painting log.

Presenting the class of 2020.

Space Wolf
This miniature was an attempt to paint an old-school model with old-school paints to an old-school technique. It was the first model I had painted in a while and it didn't go altogether smoothly.

This model always looks like a bit of a brick in official pictures, but it's actually pretty detailed and interesting to paint.

Desert Guy
This Chaos cultist model looked more like an ash waste nomad to me, so I painted him in desert tones.

Painted like the Cadian 122nd, five troopers and one former trooper (deceased). The zombie guardsman was painted for a halloween theme.

Eldar Warlock

MS-06F Zaku II mobile suit
This was a gashapla kit. That is, a kit dispensed randomly from a capsule machine. The base is scratch-built.

A finecast kit, with thankfully few of the typical finecast flaws. It has some infuriatingly tiny details but was fun to paint. The colour scheme is based on that of the Dark Eldar model shown earlier in this thread.

A metal figure from the old Mordheim Frenzied Mob range. I painted this guy from bare metal to completion in just one day, and I'm quite pleased with him all things consiered.

Sister of Battle
I didn't actually finish this miniature until January 2021, but since she managed to sneak into the group photo I'll let her stay. She was an exercise in updating the colour scheme for my Order of the Crimson Rose sororitas. The meltagun she is carrying is a conversion.

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Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight

The love you have for the hobby is self-evident. I find these charming, recalling the early days of excitement one had getting into 40K.

"All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Corps! A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps!" ---Sgt. Apone

"I say we take off, and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."-----Ripley

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