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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Russia Federation, Tula

Hi to all, space wanderers!
After few years of modeling, wargaming and creepy scratchbuilding experiense i found some fresh inspiration in FFG X-Wing game, as player and as modelist.

So, here i will show you the Dark side of my hobby... Muahaha!

My first ships was a X-Wing core set, that i take as a prise in local tabletop tournament.
After few games i decide, that 2 TIE's and 1 x-wing is... simply too tiny fleet=D
First experiense in paper...

And second...

And third...

And couple of other papercrafts...

... i tryed my skill with plastic...
And that is the result.
Cloakshape fighter. Kuat shipyards. I use it as proxy model to represent a unique pilot on z-95 (then playing Scumm)

And repainted Z-95 itself...

Now i started working about a large ship for my scumm gang.
It will be some kind of stoled and reworked ore hauler or mining ship converted into junk collector.
It will not have any official prototype and will be fully fan made proxy-"partybus"=)
Just finish hull main frame...

So, here i will share with you any ideas, progress and discuss the result of all X-Wing projects...
Thanks for attention) And led the Force be with you!

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

These are awesome! Do you have maps for the paper models?
Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Russia Federation, Tula

 Smacks wrote:
These are awesome! Do you have maps for the paper models?

Good evening and thanks!

Moust of printable templates for proxy mini's i download here!

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