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Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker

Southern NH

Hello all. Long time fan of the game (big black book had been out for a year or so when i got started) and frequent visitor to the site here.

Just recently, and thru unexpected means, found myself back in the hobby after about a 6 year hiatus. Saw a few links to Mad Max themed armies and thought id share a few things ive been working on and see what you folks thought.

This is designed to be somewhat biker heavy, and therefore i am using the SM codex as my go to, despite the plethora of ork based lists ive seen with the same theme. Cant blame the similarities between the two, just suits my style more as SM.

Anyway, heres a couple quick shots, more will follow, and any criticism or suggestion is welcome. Aiming at a really fluffy 1500 pts white scars to start as i had this almost entirely built about a decade ago and finally adding some color to it. May post some of my other shenanigans later.

[Thumb - IMG_20161109_203959491.jpg]
First mad max landspeeder

[Thumb - IMG_20170115_152324815.jpg]
Attack bikes

[Thumb - IMG_20170115_152404211.jpg]
Kit bashed landspeeders

[Thumb - IMG_20170115_152448412.jpg]
Melta gunner

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Central California

Hah! Cool conversion work there my friend! Very mad max. Time to bust out those old Gorka Morka rules or something.

Edward Myst
Long time gamer and creater of the free web comic

Check my older stuff out at:

Gaming Group outside Bakersfield. Interested, send a PM. 
Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker

Southern NH

Thank you much for the hat tip. As far as modeling goes i need to build 2 landspeeder storms and figure out my scouts. Probably going to be some mix of cadian-catachan-cultist nonsense to get the feel of it right. This is all WIP so i appreciate you taking it easy on me haha. May be a bit of a delay in this project as i also want to finish my Star Wars kill team, which i will definitely upload pics. This project is my long-haul, that one has one model left to paint and then just touch ups so the instant reward thing is quite a factor there
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