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Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Washington, USA

Concept Kitbash for personal use, not meant to be used in game, in any way, shape or form.

Scheme is a little different, I went for a flat grey base instead of the FW/typical boltgun metal/leadbelcher base.

This guy probably still needs decals and basing, but he is DONE, for me at least.

Second member of the squad, former deathwatch kinda guy (I wanted to try painting the shoulderpad )

I can't say that any of these guys are necessarily playable...as you'll see below none of them are exactly standard kit. Parts pulled from all types of kits.

Other than these two, however, nothing is painted yet but here is the rest of this squad:

Third guy:

I built this guy as a company champion type of character, a little extra armor, custodes gear, Lugft Huron Shoulderpad/arm, among others


I REALLY like how this guy turned out, the cataphractii claw gives a great hulking/stalking pose

And Fifth:

Final group shot:

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions are more than welcome! I'm curious what you might think of them!

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"Sanctified with Dynamite"

Space Marine Dreadnought Project here
Astral Claws Terminators here 
Made in my
Regular Dakkanaut

You might wanna let your sergeant know there's a necron scarab on his back. Cool kit bash=)
Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Washington, USA

@Bluedorian: Thank you! Never thought of it like that, but I guess it kinda does resemble one

...Might even be explainable after the Fall of Cadia Shenaniganry...

"Sanctified with Dynamite"

Space Marine Dreadnought Project here
Astral Claws Terminators here 
Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Washington, USA

Just wanted to post the completed Terminator Kitbash, messed around in Paint.net with the images, results not great, but oh well

There are also some images of the previously completed guys, just for kicks.


Additionally, Some completed Centurions. These have been converted using the tutorial from Master of the Forge , (Lamenter)and I want to make sure all credit for this goes to him. His website has some absolutely incredible conversions and models, and is continually a serious source of inspiration for me!

And finaly, a converted captain. The first of (hopefully) several more.

If anyone wants to see more images, with hopefully better lighting, I should be able to post more soon! (and hopefully with more models, too!)

"Sanctified with Dynamite"

Space Marine Dreadnought Project here
Astral Claws Terminators here 
Made in au
Mutilatin' Mad Dok


I like what you've done with the under slung heavy weapons. Makes it look as heavy and bulky as it actually is. Very nice work.

If you want to take good pictures - please follow these instructions. It will make it a lot easier for Dakka to constructively critique your stuff/ shower your masterpiece in praise

Alternative, click and drag the below picture onto a new tab.

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