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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Purchased this group of Eldar:

20 guardians with 2 Weapons platforms
I expected pictures to receive 20 plastic guardians as this was what he had pictured. Instead I got 14 super old metal guardians, 3 metal gun crew, 1 old gun 1 even older gun and 3 plastic guardians.
He has never disputed this bait and switch

2 wraith knights

3 warlocks
1 farseer

1 wave serpent
I asked him if it was complete, as I saw that it was missing parts. He said yes it was. This was a lie.
He has never disputed this either

1 fire prism

10 rangers
One gun is broken and the piece isn't present
He also has never disputed this

I sent back the old figures and garbage wave serpent at my own expense and now claims that I am trying to "steal" 3 figures and the top of a wave serpent. You can see the bits for this top in the photo of items he said he received back from me.

So to recap:

He sent me different items than he listed
Lied about a model being complete
Sent a broken figure

I had to get PayPal involved and I am not sorry about that.

My podcast!

Made in us
Screaming Shining Spear

Rapid City, SD

No questions were asked about the guardians. The question if they were all plastic was never posted. All items are pictured in the thread. He asked for the middle wave serpent which clearly has the top turret. In the picture he returned you can clearly see the turret is missing, 3 guardians are missing and 2 weapons platforms are missing. I am posting BOTH pictures of the wave serpent (before and after). As you can see the turret is fully built already. I told the buyer that I would refund the purchase of the items returned. He just has to return the entire squads. I sent all the pictures to paypal so i am not worried about this issue as much. Sellers beware of this buyer. He will claim you as crooked and steal figures from your lots to complete his own army and abuse paypal to do it.
[Thumb - IMG_1613.JPG]
Initial wave serpent before I shipped it to him.

[Thumb - All returned Items.JPG]
Items that were returned.

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Made in us
Screaming Shining Spear

Rapid City, SD

Additionally he says that plastic guardians were pictured but not a single picture has just plastic guardians. I had already sold 4 sets of guardians before he even got to them. Here are the pictures for the guardians.
[Thumb - IMG_1636.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1630.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1631.JPG]

Successful trades/sales: tekn0v1king 
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