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So after combination of playing some games and doing some mathhammer, I decided to modify my battalion list. My biggest problem with the old list was mobility, I formed it around the lord/cryptek and marched across the board five agonizing inches at a time. It wasn't bad against melee list that were coming to me, but against a Tau gunline formation formed into a little box it was torturously slow. The other problem was some units were not pulling their weight, specifically the scarabs, cryptek and the Lychguard. Scarabs couldn't even beat a tac squad in melee, a cryptek was overkill with him just baby sitting the warrior blob, and the lychguard were great counter-chargers but not every opponent is going to charge, so I decided to change them for a unit more broadly applicable.

So here is what i came up with:
Overlord 101 (119 pts)
+Staff of light 18

Destroyer Lord 124 (177 pts)
+Staff of light 18
+phylactery 15

20 x Warrior 12 (240 pts)
+20 x Gauss Rifle 0

10 X Warrior 12 (290 pts)
+10 x Gauss Rifle 0
+Ghost Ark 170
+2 x Gauss Flayer Array 0

10 x Immortals 8 (170)
+10 x Tesla carbine 9 (90)

C'Tan Shard of the deceiver 225

Triarch Stalker 117
+ Twin heavy Gauss Cannons 64

-=Fast Attack=-
6 x destroyers 43 (378)
+6 x Gauss Cannon 20 (120)

-=Heavy Support=-
3 x Heavy destroyer 43 (225)
+3 x Heavy Gauss Cannon 32 (96)

Now I have a few more combos, the destroyer lord gets more work out of the destroyers, and they are mobile enough to kite most things, killy enough to eliminate what they can't kite. The lord give MWBD to the tesla immortals for an average of 20 hits a round for 14 wounds shooting at toughness 4. My tactics with the deceiver varies based on what i roll, if he gets 1 he'll take the warrior blob into rapid fire range, if he gets two he'll carry the lord and his immortals to 24", if he gets 3 he'll take them all. He is also a decent combatant in his own right, and a reliable source of mortal wounds. I think this is a much more solid list than my last one.

*Edit* Added the Triarch Stalker since it seems like Necrons need more firepower, an buffing the rest of my armies shooting is better.

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Constantly being negative doesn't make you seem erudite, it just makes you look like a curmudgeon.  
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Krazed Killa Kan

State of Jefferson

Arent you about 3 troop choices short of a brigade?
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Ute nation

 doktor_g wrote:
Arent you about 3 troop choices short of a brigade?

whoops meant battalion sorry.

Constantly being negative doesn't make you seem erudite, it just makes you look like a curmudgeon.  
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San Diego, California

Thanks for leaving your thoughts over at FLG!

Yeah, Crons can struggle with massed vehicles if you don't build your list for it.

Have you considered a SPyder+scarab screen for your shooting units? Spyder makes new scarabs for free, gives you DtW, and can repair the Stalker plus is decent in melee.

Stalker can hammer a vehicle and if it lives, the other units get buffed to finish it off.

Scarabs protect your shooters from assault out of reserves and can then go grab objectives.

Lastly, I think you may need more Warriors. I prefer like, 60, but with your play style that may not be necessary.

Good luck with it!

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Ute nation

Thanks for coming over, but I don't think the necrons are alone in having difficulty against fatties (the term I'm stealing from M:tG to describe vehicles and MCs) because I'm 16 bat reps in and it seems like whoever brings the most faties wins. It follows from the scale increase, heavy weapons went up by 3.5 times in damage value, but fatties went up 4 to 5 times in terms of wounds and they got armor saves if they didn't have them before. Add in the new to wound chart and I think faties might be better than 5 or 6 times as tough as they used to be, so heavy weapons are struggling to keep up.

If you check the other lists in here no one is bringing enough of them, that's because they are super expensive, lascannons are 25 points each, and it takes 15 space marine lascannon shots to kill a leman russ. The points ratio between attack and defense is way off for them. I'm not just speculating on that either I've done the math:


Constantly being negative doesn't make you seem erudite, it just makes you look like a curmudgeon.  
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 Reecius wrote:
Spyder makes new scarabs for free

You did mean it just replaces previously lost Scarabs, right?
"[...] for each friendly <Dynasty> Canoptek Scarabs unit that is below its start number of models [...] return a Canoptek Scarab Swarm to the depleted unit [...]"
Like a form of Scarab RP, bringing back lost guys.

("makes new scarabs for free" kinda sounds like you mean they can make more, like in the old Scarab Farm days)

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