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I heard they had some problems with lead rot, so they had chosen pewter for their metal models. I know that Flames of War still uses lead in their metals. Is it the same with Warmachine?

Thanks in advance


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Pretty sure they do not. I think it says right on the box there is no lead.

Otherwise, their metal seems pretty much like all the other metal models out there. I've had no issue with the type of metal they use.

Truthfully, with all the issues with lead, I doubt anyone uses lead in their metals anymore. There might even be laws or at least lots of regulations about lead that I think most companies just choose to avoid.
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There are some metal figure companies that still use lead in their WMA (White Metal Alloy - it's not a single alloy, but a family of them with related properties) but they will also use the "This is not a toy" caveat (TOYS can't use them, not-toys don't have the same restriction).

Most of the US miniature companies switched to lead-free WMA back in the wake of the threatened early 1990s ban on lead in toys (the bill never passed, but by the time that was resolved, the big boys had already switched over to lead free, and it was too expensive to switch back). GW also switched to a harder and more brittle lead-free alloy at that point.

PP don't use a lead-alloy for theirs, so "lead rot" isn't a thing for them (not that the other metals are safe from oxidation/fungal contamination/bacterial nom-noms*, but they generally take a lot longer).

*There are fungi that feed on certain metallic oxides, and bacteria that will live off those fungi, and these will break down certain alloys.

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Reaper had released a line of their best sellers in lead at one point fairly recently, but looking at their webpage now, it shows no current releases.

Okay, so they closed the line down four years ago to focus on Bones:


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Lead has generally been totally abandoned by miniature game companies for years. PP included.

Also, the danger of lead in minatures is grossly overstated, outside of very very old pure lead miniatures. As long as you aren't inhaling the dust or sucking/chewing a lead miniature you'll be fine.

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