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Made in se
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

What are the miniature you are the most proud of in your collection? I have a big collection of 2nd edition 40k and 4--5th edition fantasy. But one blister I always like to think about is this what one:

Bolter wielding khorne guys. Its so awesome I wish berzerkers could use bolters in 8th edition:(

Show me something! Don't be afraid to brag, I love to see what random stuff people have!
Made in us
Charging Orc Boar Boy

Midwest USA

I don't have any pictures, but I do have a few OOP models that I like, including my Armor Cast Reaver Titan (that I haven't had a chance to play yet).

I have some plastic IG Ogryn conversions that I made back before the current kit came out that I am pleased with how they turned out. My plastic IG Rough Rider conversions are also really cool and look neat.

I also have a Space Wolf Terminator I painted up really well a few years back. He was made as my hero, and did really good back when the 5th Edition Space Wolf Codex was played in 6th Edition.

Outside of GW, I am mightily pleased with the paint job I did on PP Butcher 3 and his character Warjack Ruin. I can't stand pewter normally, but I was channeling something on those models when I was assembling, painting, and later repairing the models. Never played a game with them, but like how they look.

Current projects:
- Ironjawz - Dispossessed - Homemade scenery 
Made in us
Walking Dead Wraithlord

I received a Mordheim Freelance Knight from my best friend for my birthday. I'm cringing at the thought of trying to paint it. One of the best GW minis they ever produced.

Made in gb
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Earlobe deep in doo doo

Was picked up from a charity shop two years ago. Still haven't painted it.

"But me no buts! Our comrades get hurt. Our friends die. Falkenburg is a knight who swore an oath to serve the church and to defend the weak. He'd be the first to tell you to stop puling and start planning. Because what we are doing-at risk to ourselves-is what we have sworn to do. The West relies on us. It is a risk we take with pride. It is an oath we honour. Even when some soft southern burgher mutters about us, we know the reason he sleeps soft and comfortable, why his wife is able to complain about the price of cabbages as her most serious problem and why his children dare to throw dung and yell "Knot" when we pass. It's because we are what we are. For all our faults we stand for law and light.
Von Gherens This Rough Magic Lackey, Flint & Freer
Mekagorkalicious -Monkeytroll
2017 Model Count-71
Made in us
Three Color Minimum

Denver, CO

I've had these for years. Someday I'll be good enough to paint them.

Here's some more detailed images.

“I do not know anything about Art with a capital A. What I do know about is my art. Because it concerns me. I do not speak for others. So I do not speak for things which profess to speak for others. My art, however, speaks for me. It lights my way.”
— Mark Z. Danielewski
Made in hr
Dakka Veteran


For me it's this guy, clearly not because of the model itself, but its paintjob. Could have painted the whole team to a decent standard in the teme it took me to paint him though...

I do commissions: https://www.facebook.com/BoxyBrush/
You can follow any projects I'm working on here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/722207.page 
Made in de
Inspiring Icon Bearer

This is the model with which I taught myself to sculpt. I used green stuff before for minor conversions, but never tried to sculpt a full model before. Or tried organic shapes, for that matter.

More than just sculpting technique, it taught me critical thinking and willingness to cut up and redo parts that don't work.

Nehekhara lives! Sort of! 
Made in us
Devastating Dark Reaper

Biloxi, MS

Gonna have to be this one. I love the old sculpts and this one makes me the most happy.

My Dolls:
Current: Iybraesil: 9200
Current/Ongoing: : 2500
Current/Ongoing: 4000
Founder http://www.theWarDolls.com
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

HATE Club, East London

I own so many old models, and have so many complete collections. I am one model short of completing a set of every single Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion from the 80s, so as a group, they take first place.

Absolute number one though, has to be my Chaos Toilet. Mine is unpainted, so here is a picture of a painted one.

Though my guards may sleep and my ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire. 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Mine is the chaos lord kitbash I'm working on. He's built from four separate kits. He's on a temp base at the moment as he's going to be magnetized to move between a normal base and a Disc of Tzeentch.

*EDIT* The picture is of terrible quality, sorry about that.

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Made in gb
Fully-charged Electropriest


This guy. My scratch built Titan gets more comments due to its size, but this guy was a dream of mine since I started playing Orcs and Goblins - a Black Orc Warboss on a Wyvern! Sure, mechanically it sucked...

This chap is mounted on a piece of Warhammer 40k 3rd ed starter kit terrain, due to his stupidly big wingspan meaning anything else wouldn't allow units six inches either side of him.

The body is an old metal Carnosaur (yes, getting this thing to stop falling over was a pain in the ass) with the Balrog wings greenstuffed on. Although you can't see it in any of the pics, a greenstuff clone of a limited edition Warboss shield forms its breastplate, and a real chain runs around its neck as reins.

The warboss is magnetized and can be removed and mounted on his own base in the inevitable event that the Wyvern is shot to bits by cannon fire. I can't remember where all the bits came from - I think the Torso and legs were a Forgeworld set, the arm a Biker one, the shield is a defiler and the facemask from the standard Orc regiment. He used to have a banner, too, but such is the life of a model that used to tip over a lot.


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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

For me it is my "counts as" War Walkers for an Exodite Eldar force.

This army was my first major non-standard kit project I undertook, and it really challenged (and improved!) my modeling skills.

The paint work isn't mine, that was done by Garden Ninja Painting, but the conversions are mine and I am damn proud of them.

Runner up is this guy from the same force. A "Fire Prism".

Made in gb
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps


This was taken five years ago and this, along with my large Epic collection, are the pride of my little collection. It has since doubled in size. Criminally, I've not painted much of them...

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Made in nl
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

Somewhere... over the rainbow

I have several rare fantasy miniatures and am really really fond of. I also have a whole lot of limited and oop 40k minis, but for some reason I find the Fantasy ones more evocative.
Except maybe for my sonic dreadnought. SONIC DREADNOUGHT!!!
(n.b. None of the pictures here are mine. All of my rare minis are still in their original packaging awaiting the day I have time to paint them)

Chaos Champion (found on Ebay):

Archaon on foot (found within the depths of my flgs. I was so happy):

Grumlok and Gazbag (part of the Warhammer Online limited edition):

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А сегодня, что для завтра сделал Я?
But today I don't feel like doing anything... 
Made in us
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

I played Warmachine and owned the MK I Behemoth. The things could have it's legs snap off over 3 months or so until I got fed up and did this:

The Chassis is a Churchill from the Tanks! game. Sometimes the best mods are the simplest ones. It went from being my least favorite to my most favorite miniature ever.

Bender wrote:* Realise that despite the way people talk, this is not a professional sport played by demi gods, but rather a game of toy soldiers played by tired, inebriated human beings.

Mike Krahulik, in response to 40k criticism wrote:...And when my tainted spirit finds its destination, I will topple the master of that dark place. From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this fear engine will bore a hole between this world and that one. When it begins you will hear the sound of children screaming - as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip though the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin. I will open one of my six mouth, and I will sing the song that ends the earth.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

That Behemoth reminds me of a steampunk version of Mutoid Man from Smash TV!
Made in us
Evolved Spambot


Probably this guy. I don't have much rare stuff. I dream of getting those Skullz techpriests, however.

Peregrine - If you like the army buy it, and don't worry about what one random person on the internet thinks.
Made in us
Bird from Hell

One of two models:

Rarest model: the 98th (out of at least 1-2 thousand) Shadowsword FW produced, complete with the original numbered certificate. And I managed to get one of my holy grail pieces for it, the interior detail kit that FW used to sell. It's definitely the centerpiece of my collection of OOP FW stuff. Some of the terrain pieces are neat and rarely seen, but getting such a low number on the Shadowsword was sheer luck. Progress is slow on it, but someday it will be finished, I swear.

Best model: my Marauder Destroyer. A massive superheavy flyer that dwarfs any non-titan model into insignificance, and some of my best painting work. It's always been one of my favorite 40k models, and the day I finally finished it after owning the kit for years and lacking the confidence in my painting skills to touch it was a proud one.

Laying low in a blood filled trench
Kill time 'til my very own death
On my face I can feel the falling rain
Never see my friends again

In the smoke, in the mud and lead
Smell the fear and the feeling of dread
Soon be time to go over the wall
Rapid fire and end of us all

Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant


Christ on a bike Peregrine! I knew the Marauder bombers were big, but seeing one next to a Leman Russ, ITS XBAWKS HEAUG.

374th Mechanized 195pts 
Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

I don't have any really rare models, but my favorite miniature is my Space Marine honour guard sergeant, built way back when I didn't really know anything about 40k.

I also have a ton of old metal Warhawk riders.

Made in us
Bounding Assault Marine

Hillsborough, NH

Got an old 2nd edition lascannon devestator out of a bargain bin for a buck. Nothing special but its my oldest model and i love the look.

U.S. Army veteran OEF 13-14

Made in gb
Lord Commander in a Plush Chair


My favourite painted figure is probably my nurgle sorcerer

Of unpainted that I look forward to painting the most - from several manufacturers, I have a set of all the doctors for Dr Who which will look great one day, I have a heap of Inquisitor figures and the large resin marine from Forgeworld.
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick


My IG knightworld commander. Back in 2013ish I collaborated with Doomhammer, a wonderful member of the Dakka community and had her sculpted completely from scratch. I may have bigger, fancier or more expensive models but I designed her from the ground up and she is the pride of my collection.
[Thumb - 20170728_023428.jpg]

Vorradis 75th "Crimson Cavaliers" 8.7k

The enemies of Mankind may employ dark sciences or alien weapons beyond Humanity's ken, but such deviance comes to naught in the face of honest human intolerance back by a sufficient number of guns. 
Made in za
Gore Spattered Punk Zombie

South Africa

I have 4 15mm Han Chinese 4-horse chariots, haven't used then in years, but been fond of them since it got them.

Also the Blue Scribes I built from a chariot kit.

It seems that rare exclusive mini's an mini's that someone made themselves (to whatever extent) are the top of their lists.

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Made in au
Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Adelaide, South Australia

I have one of these:

There's a link to my RT army (and the figure) in my sig but Photobucket says bandwidth exceeded. :(

Ancient Blood Angels
40IK - PP Conversion Project Files
Warmachine/Hordes 2008 Australian National Champion
Arcanacon Steamroller and Hardcore Champion 2009
Gencon Nationals 2nd Place and Hardcore Champion 2009 
Made in us

Probably work

I've got a single metal GKT in blister. No, not that one. The one with the gunsword. I have several more of them as well, but they're open and painted (by someone else). Not sure what I'm going to do with them. Maybe price check them in another 10 years?

Not in blister, I have a commissar with power axe and flamer.

No idea what I'm going to do with him either, but he's definitely in the "too cool to let go" category.

Assume all my mathhammer comes from here: https://github.com/daed/mathhammer 
Made in us
Dangerous Outrider

 Fifty wrote:

Absolute number one though, has to be my Chaos Toilet. Mine is unpainted,

My favorite is the same.. but mine is still in blister...Always wanted to make it a champion of Nurgle for Warhammer.

Made in gb
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Lisburn, Northern Ireland

My Stompa.


Took me months of work doing a few hours here and there.
Made in us
Bounding Assault Marine

running amok, against the reality of defeat

I have the first Blood Bowl Ogre that was painted and advertised in White Dwarf.

My wife insists she can paint better...

come join us
greg graffin 
Made in us
Incorporating Wet-Blending


This diorama is probably the centerpiece of my collection- not that I couldn't improve it, but it's certainly my best diorama and one of my favorite pieces.

My Kingdom Death collection (spoilered for size) is probably my favorite set as a whole.

Also, the Caestus Assault Ram is the standard by which I measure Imperial vehicles by and I'm glad to finally have one-- just about done with it.


My painted armies (40k, WM/H, Malifaux, Infinity...) 
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