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Made in it
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Yeah, I might have made a bet that I could build a better 40k Chaos Cultist warband than someone. And I might have rolled my Chaos-Dedication-Dice and got SLAANESH, the one god I've never done befor. And I might (okay, I DEFINATLY DO) want to keep this cheap, cause I have a bunch of Eldar and KSons on my "to buy list". So help me! Please!

So I thought to myself: why not make OTHER people suffer with me! Muahaha (Slaanesh has already taken hold of me)!!! So I decided to create this: if you want to build a Chaos warband, this is your chance! Document your progress here, and at the end, you could win (something). Just reply with a short description of your Warband.

En Chaosity Waerbend:
Your Warband must have at least ONE daemon-equivalent, one psyker (unless your want Khorne), some kind of Priest or icon and a leader. The Warband must have between 4 and 20 members, but they can be anyone you want! Oh and it needs to be finished by AUGUST 12, 2017 . Points will be awarded for paint job quality, conversions and backstory, plus all-around creativity! So don't worry, just EMBRACE CHAOS!!!


EmberlordofFire8: Acolytes of Pain and Pleasure and Cookies

Charax: The Harbringers

Xjax1: Legion of Dusty Magic

Ynneadwraith: Angels of Ascension

Sauragnmon: The Kharzan 319th, 16th Battalion, 8th Company, 8th Platoon.

Tiberius501: The Honour Bound

MechaEmperor7000: Brass Bloodhounds

AUGmaniac: Orphans of Prospero.

FCsnapshot:: Lords of Blight

space/-_-/faced\-_-\mate: Some Tzeentch Trickery

Saturmorn Carvilli: Black Legion/Fallen

Elbows: ????

Drakeslayer: Cult of the Sixth Symphony

Chris56: The Sons of Rust

Kharne the Befriender: Coven of the Coruscating Gaze/Vectorum of the Thrice Plagued

SlaveToDorkness: Bloodfly Legion.

Salabasama: Cerulean Sabers

DarkElfZohan: Fingers of Angron

Sunbane:The Forgoers of Faith

john27:Splinter cell delta-34

Obligatory "I am actually a loyal Imperial citizen please don't exterminatus thank you lord commissar you are very very kind and gracious and pretty NO IM SORRY! HANDSOME!"

Well, my post got corroupted. See you soon, I'm going to get the Flamers.


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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Russia Federation, Tula

Hi! And will the power of Allmighty Chaos be with you in this project!

I will make some cultist for my Gharland project, but later... Will seen you progress and post my own=)


Made in gb
Nurgle Veteran Marine with the Flu

I'm in, already planning to rebuild my Death Guard force, this will be a good start
Made in it
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Ok, to enter "officially" just post something along the lines of THIS:

Name: The Acolytes of Pain and Pleasure and Cookies
Patron God: Slaanesh, She Who Thirts
Short description: The Acolytes of Pain and Pleasure and Cookies are a band of mutants, heretics and daemons that follow the Chaos Space Marine Lord Allordrax Kar'ail Der'sha, the Doom of Sarvik IV, bringer of Pain, son of Slaanesh, ex-member of the Emperor's Children legion, Veteran of the Long War and numerous other titles. He and his followers have scoured the galaxy for centuries, searching for the mightiest of foes for them to slay in the name of Slaanesh. Due to the fact that most foes in the galaxy are quite powerful, they Warband only consists of a few members. But don't mention that.
Battle Cry: Pain! Pleasure! Cookies! Pain! Pleasure! Cookies! (repeat)


Made in ca
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch

Name: Legion of Dusty Magic
Patron god: Tzheech, That Tricky Ass Mudafuka
Short description: The Thousand Sons actually got their gak together for this, Magnus The Red and Arihman made up enough so they can be in the battlefield without killing each other. The rubrics have regained some sentience and no longer die when not with a psyker and all is well, except for the fact that the war band got lost in the warp with no way back home. So now the war band has set up a new Homeworld and in turn a new 'chapter' of the thousand sons.
Warcry: (old habits die hard so...) All is dust. All is dust. All is dust. All is dust (chanted throughout the battle)

Aspiring Table Top Game dev, Aspiring 3D modeler, Aspiring Writer, Aspiring Video Game dev. 
Made in gb
Nurgle Veteran Marine with the Flu

Name: The Harbingers
Patron: Nurgle
Short Description: A Splinter fleet of the Death Guard 7th Grand Company, the Harbingers cannibalised their flagship, the Satoria Grandis, to form an asteroid base near the Maelstrom. From there they strike out, capturing and scavenging resources from Imperial shipping lanes and fellow Chaos warbands alike
Warcry:While not technically a warcry, an attack by the Harbingers is normally preceeded by the message "The End Is Coming" being broadcast throughout the target's comm systems, giving a brief warning before the first of the assault craft hit.
Made in ca
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch

I should mention, Tzheech being the tricky bugger he is has changed all of the legion's cultists into Rubrics! The sly devil...

Aspiring Table Top Game dev, Aspiring 3D modeler, Aspiring Writer, Aspiring Video Game dev. 
Made in gb
Agile Revenant Titan

Great idea! It's just the motivation I need to actually paint some of my non-Eldar models here's my 'warband' (inverted commas as warband isn't quite the right term...).

Name: The Angels of Absolution
Patron Deity: Slaanesh, The Prince of Pleasure
Definitely not short description: The Angels of Ascension were formerly a loyalist chapter founded from the Blood Angels. During their time fighting in the glorious name of the Emperor they embodied the beauty and splendour of Sanguinius. Resplendant in glorious hand-crafted armour they were the very embodiment of Angels upon the battlefield, and beloved by the population of the Imperium. A love which was reciprocated by the Angels themselves. However, on every planet they served, they saw nothing but toil and misery.

Disillusion with the Imperium took decades to creep into their minds. Wherever they saw misery and opression, it was the machine of the Imperium to blame. This lasted until they were deployed to the world of Gomorr to quell a cult insurrection. Upon arrival, they saw the cult had spread nothing but joy and ecstacy to everyone it touched. At last, they had found the answer. Rather than quelling the insurrection, they pledged themselves to its cause and slaughtered the beleaguered planetary government. Reporting that the insurrection had been defeated, they returned to their duties, and resolved to bring the light of the cult to every new world they conquered.

It was decades before Inquisitor Io traced the source of the blossoming Slaaneshi cults in the sector to the Angels, finally deducing that the pattern of cults followed the chapter wherever it went. Marshalling the forces of half a dozen Imperial Guard regiments and a whole Space Marine chapter, they smote down the Angels and declared them Excommunicate Traitoris.

Since then, the surviving Angels of Ascension have changed their modus operandi. They scattered throughout the Imperium, acting not as a single warband but a myriad of individual agents. Each Angel descends upon a world, posing as a loyal Astartes, and sets about ingratiating themselves with various planetary powers. They preach the word of the cult, where the sacrifice of the noble few can ensure the absolution of the many. They corrupt the government, and convert the masses. Life is good for the faithful. The fate of those who pay the price for such a life is beyond comprehension.

Bedecked in exquisite finery, the Angels of Ascension appear to the world to be model examples of the Emperor's glorious Astartes. However, their elaborate facade hides their true nature. Beneath their statuesque masks lurks mutated predatory faces. The script of their purity seals twists and turns as it's read, subliminally implanting dark and twisted suggestions into an onlooker's mind. Truly the Angels are one of the most insidious threats this sector has faced in millennia.

Warcry: Less of a warcry, more a sensuous whisper in your ear that life could be much, much better for you if you just lay down your faith and accept absolution.

Check out may pan-Eldar projects http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/702683.page

Also my Rogue Trader-esque spaceport factions http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/709686.page

Oh, and I've come up with a semi-expanded Shadow War idea and need some feedback! https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/726439.page

Lastly I contribute to a blog too! http://objectivesecured.blogspot.co.uk/ Check it out! It's not just me  
Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

If I had the working space to do a bunch of infantry, I'd be all over this idea as I've got a Renegade Platoon I wanted to do for my Not-so-loyalist Guard.
Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

You don't need to do a whole Cultist horde army, a small Warband will do (think Inq28 or Necromunda)!

Made in us
Daemonic Dreadnought


Definitely following this, might even join, assuming I have time.

Gods? There are no gods. Merely existences, obstacles to overcome.

"And what if I told you the Wolves tried to bring a Legion to heel once before? What if that Legion sent Russ and his dogs running, too ashamed to write down their defeat in Imperial archives?" - ADB 
Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

I might dig out my Dark Vengeance stuff and build a few Cultist/Conscripts with you then.

I have plans to do a full Renegade-styled platoon, I just need to find a little space to set them on my desk.
Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Ok, I just ordered my first load of bits (Enough to build my Pleasure Cult leader and a Flesh Shaper) and I just started working on an EC marine!

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Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

Alright, went into my storage and started digging.. and came back with my Dark Vengeance stuff. Figured I'd start at the top, with the leader for my little band of Miscreants, with a guy in some power armor. Not finished, but started, and here he is.

Made in au
Quick-fingered Warlord Moderatus

Though it's Age of Sigmar, I thought I'd join in (don't hate me)

Name: The Honour Bound
Patron God: Khorne, the glory hungry, honour seeking taker of skulls and sitter of thrown of said skulls
Short description: A King of a dead kingdom prayed to Khorne and made a pact with a Bloodthirster to keep his men alive if he followed the will of Khorne. Teleth Honour Bound was a King of honour and tradition and still upholds that in the name of Khorne, finding glory in killing only those worthy and does not prey on weaker civilisations. His warband, named after him as the Honour Bound, grow in number as more followers of Khorne see his strength and level of honour that other, more barbaric and canabalistic Khornite warbands fail to achieve.
Battle Cry: For honour, and glory!
Made in gb
Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant


Though I won't be participating (too much already needs doing ), I'll still be following - seems like a fun challenge!

If you can't believe in yourself, believe in me! Believe in the Dakka who believes in you!  
Made in ca
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

I'm currently working on a Black Legion Warband but it has nothing too unusual about it other than all models are from the 2nd/3rd edition. I was planning my own warband at one point, although I don't know if if they will ever get off the ground now that the rules they were based around might get removed. Still, gonna throw them here just for fun:

Name: Brass Bloodhounds
Patron God: Khorne
Short Description: Formerly known as the Magna Marines, the Bloodhounds are a khorne-devoted warband known for it's use of mounted cavalry and daemon-mutated possessed marines. In their former life, they were given an unknown task which took them into the Eye of Terror. Unnaturally, they weren't beset by daemons, only a handful of traitors and heretics. Within the Warp, they found that they had the ability to tame the warp beasts, chief among them the huge Juggernauts of Khorne. Running low on resources, the Magna Marines decided to mount these beasts into war, as their ferocity were more than a match for the innumerable warp-spawned warmachines. Slowly, the marines bonded to their mounts, to the point that many of them could not stand being separated for an extended period of time. Some even slowly merged with their daemonic mounts, becoming red-skinned monstrosities. While at first any of these men were put down due to fears of heresy, soon the Marines came around to them, realizing that the possessed men still had their faculties; the daemon did not even try to disobey them.

Eventually, after centuries of ceaseless war and no reinforcements, the remaining marines lost all semblance of rationality. They no longer remembered their task or their duty to the emperor. They only cared for the sound of battle; to mount their steeds again (or to unleash the beast within) and to charge into the fray. For this was their fate; Khorne had foreseen their creation and crusade into the Eye, and had ordered his daemons to not resist. Slowly but surely, the souls of each of the marines had bonded to that of the Daemon mount they had. Now little more than automatons under the command of their own mounts, the Brass Bloodhounds rides to war at the opening of the 13th Black Crusade, eager to hunt down all those who have displeased Khorne. While only a handful of the original thousand marines remain, they are still a terrifying force upon the battlefield as the ferocity of the Juggernaut combined with the martial skills of a space marine can only be matched by the greatest of war machines.
Battle Cry: (An incoherent roar that sound like that of a thousand wild beasts)

Gwar! wrote:Huh, I had no idea Graham McNeillm Dav Torpe and Pete Haines posted on Dakka. Hi Graham McNeillm Dav Torpe and Pete Haines!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I have an Autograph!

Kanluwen wrote:
Hell, I'm not that bothered by the Stormraven. Why? Because, as it stands right now, it's "limited use".When it's shoehorned in to the Codex: Space Marines, then yeah. I'll be irked.

When I'm editing alot, you know I have a gakload of homework to (not) do. 
Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

Name: The Kharzan 319th, 16th Battalion, 8th Company, 8th Platoon.

Patron god: Considering the piece of my finger one bit off, I guess they serve Khorne.

Background: Kharzan is a rather climate-diverse planet out in the Veiled Region in Southern Segmentum Tempestus. Harvested for bulk troops to supply the Alpha Legion's regional operations, the Kharzan 319th is as diverse in appearances as the climates of its homeworld.

The 16th Battalion is recruited from one of the hive cities, the city of Sardesh. A feral city even by hive city standards, the soldiers of the 16th Battalion are armed with a variety of weapons, in some of the most irregular patterns of uniforms, a term used very loosely when it comes to the garb of the troops.

The 16th's 8th Company is from the underhives, a region where the finest weapons of the Imperial Guard don't tend to find their way very often. The 8th Platoon leans heavily on the use of Conscripts to fill its ranks, a band of gangers, freaks, cultists and psychopaths amongst a Platoon already noted for a bloodthirsty approach to warfare.

Project Tally:

ONE daemon-equivalent - TBD

one psyker (Omitted because Khorne)

some kind of Priest or icon (will be in Platoon HQ)

and a leader - see AL Marine above.
Made in ca
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch

So decided on my Tzeech warband

Demon equivalent: Magnus the Red
One Psyker: Arihman
Icon: Aspring sorcerer has a banner
Leader: also Magnus, we don't get much in terms of HQ's in TS and I don't want to have to pick up a Exalted Sorcer pack yet.
Troops: 11 Rubrics with Bolters, 5 Rubrics with Flamers and 2 Rubrics with Soulreaper Autocannons.

Aspiring Table Top Game dev, Aspiring 3D modeler, Aspiring Writer, Aspiring Video Game dev. 
Made in gb
Basecoated Black

As tempting as this is i'm gonna sit this one out. Cant wait to see what you all come up eith will be watching very closely ready for 8th edition to see what goodies i can comandeer.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Southern California

 EmberlordofFire8 wrote:
Yeah, I might have made a bet that I could build a better 40k Chaos Cultist warband than someone. And I might have rolled my Chaos-Dedication-Dice and got SLAANESH

Tell me more about this Chaos-Dedication-Dice?
Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Dew wrote:
 EmberlordofFire8 wrote:
Yeah, I might have made a bet that I could build a better 40k Chaos Cultist warband than someone. And I might have rolled my Chaos-Dedication-Dice and got SLAANESH

Tell me more about this Chaos-Dedication-Dice?

Well, first you draw a Chaos star somewhere (like the floor of a cave, the altar of a temple or on your mothers favourite shirt) and then place a Chaos rune at each of the four main points. After that, you just take four dice, preferably one red, one blue, one green and one pink, and roll them, releasing them above their corresponding runes. The one that roles highest wins, and the closer the winning dice is to the other 3 runes is how much your army/hero/whatever respects the other gods.

My progress so far!

WIP EC marine

And my idea for my cult leader (just not terribly photoshopped like this one )

Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

I'll probably acquire a bunch of Renegade Militia torsos and such to bulk out the core of the Platoon's infantry, and use some Anvil Industry bits mixed in for good stuff. Depending on how my prints go, I might make my Thudd Gun count-as units part of the 18th Battalion's assets.

Gotta remember to keep to one project at a time so I can actually FINISH this stuff... hehe.
Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Sauragnmon wrote:
I'll probably acquire a bunch of Renegade Militia torsos and such to bulk out the core of the Platoon's infantry, and use some Anvil Industry bits mixed in for good stuff. Depending on how my prints go, I might make my Thudd Gun count-as units part of the 18th Battalion's assets.

Gotta remember to keep to one project at a time so I can actually FINISH this stuff... hehe.

Thats probably a good idea, maybe I should try that. I currently have an almost-finish raven guard army, a halfway-finished KSons one, an AoS chaos army, an AoS Aelves army and now this. Oh, and a few Mechanicum minis Im working on. And Custodes. And an Eldar army...

Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

I have more projects than I can care to number or list right now.. and that includes 3D models as well.

I try and focus on one squad at a time... of course, the fact I'm doing a full sized Conscript squad with a number of conversions involved for more diversity than the Chaos Cultists can muster alone by mixing in Catachan and Marauder bits, might take a bit more time.
Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

Progress shot - drafting the conscripts!

Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Looks good!

I've made an overall plan for my cult:

The Acolytes of Pain and Pleasure and Cookies!
The Acolytes are divided into 6 separate Warpacks, each headed by a Pack Leader. Each Warband consists of several cultists, ranging from a handful to more than a dozen. The commander of the cult is the Warmistress, a Pack Leader who has risen to lead the Cult. Above her is Lord Allordrax Kar'ail Der'sha.


High Court
Warmistress Sh'ere'kah

Lord Allordrax Kar'ail Der'sha

High Priest Khardon

Shiv'Terak, bearer of the cults emblem.

Host of a Thousand Shards
Pack Leader: Kaveri the Blooded
Priest: Durvasa

12 cultists
2 Space Marines

The Host of a Thousand Shards is the largest of the War Packs, due in part to its somewhat over-zealos recruiting policies.

The Burning Spear
Pack Leader: Sridhar One-Hand
Priest: Aruna Rai

7 cultists
1 Space Marine
1 Chimeara

The Burning Spear's banner is topped with the head of an Astral Claws space marine, who the cult has passionately named Ugly MacUglyface.

The Bringers of Cookies
Pack Leader: Chander
Priest: Gautam (named after an old schoolfriend of mine )

3 Cultists
1 Space Marines

The Bringers of Cookies embody the core principles of the cult. Before battle, the cultists will spend hours speaking utter nonsense, and once the fight commences, they will hurl themselves at the enemy, screaming their battlecries and pounding their foes with whatever they have on hand. Because of this somewhat unorthodox (even for Slaanesh's minions) battle doctrine means that the Bringers of Cookies are always low on recruits, but none the less invaluable assets to the Cult.

Hounds of the Dark Prince
Pack Leader: Nadkarni the Hunter
Priest: Adkashash

4 Cultists
1 Sentinel

The Hounds prefer to stalk their prey, sneaking behind enemy lines and taking prisoners, instead of attacking their enemy head on. They have somehow come across an Imperial Guard sentinel, dubbed Whisperstalker, and attach their Pack banner to its roof.

The Crystal Bearers
Pack Leader: Khare
Priest: Sitara Ravel

5 Cultists
2 Space Marines
Several Chaos Spawn
1 Chimeara

The Crystal Bearers are interested with the cults Spawn, and consist of several Flesh Shapers. Pack Leader Khare is the newest and most inexperienced of the Pack Leaders.

Allordrax's Chosen
3 Space Marines
1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord
1 Hellbrute

Allordrax's Chosen do not function like the other War Packs. Instead, they guard the Chaos Lord in battle. Their Hellbrute, Brother Kyraxus, is currently MIA. A search has been mounted to reach for it, with the Bringers of Cookies and Host of a Thousand Shards undertaking the mission.

Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

Not bad.. the Conscripts in my platoon are gonna number 50, the one with the hood and the raised axe is going to be my Priest of Khorne, as his model isn't in the number that I require for the Conscripts.. I've got a nice double-bladed axe for him in the process.
Made in gb
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

Plymouth, England

Sounds interesting, especially the corrupting of others. Rules?
Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

 Adamski Alders wrote:
Sounds interesting, especially the corrupting of others. Rules?

Funny you should ask. I'm actually planning on doing a sort of campaign with my cult (after it's done) so I'll need to think of a way to have it grow (maybe something like roll a d6 and consult a certain table, like Path to Glory) but I'll have to wait for 8th edition to figure it all out

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