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What should be the next steps in my Cryx Army (bought the Battlegroup Starter this past weekend)?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hey all,

I've watched some Batreps and really think I might enjoy this game... mainly because of the speed of this game compared to Warhammer (my attention starts to wane around the 90 minute mark... and most Warhammer games go longer than that). I'm much more invested in Warhammer, and that's probably where most of my money will probably stay. That said, I would like to get up to a 25 point army. I much, much, much prefer plastic models over metal and resin. That said, I was considering buying two boxes of Bane Thralls so that I could create a Unit of Bane Warriors (Leader and 5 grunts) and a unit of Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 grunts). That'll put me up to 25 points of all plastic, and I won't have to be concerned with metal models (paint chipping, fragility, pinning, etc.).

What do you all think? That'll mean my army would look like:

- Bane Witch Agathia (WJ: 29)

- Deathripper (6)
- Reaper (13)
- Slayer (10)

- 1 Bane Warrior Leader, 5 Bane Warriors (10)
- 1 Bane Thrall Leader, 9 Bane Thralls (15)

Thanks in advance


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Other than Bane Riders we don't have any other units in plastic.

Unfortunately you would need to buy metal units or solos at some point.

I the rules for both units are being revised at the moment as they were a little lacklustre. From what we have seen they are getting some improvements.

Agathiea can give her army Stealth as part of her feat which helps them get to the enemy.

It should be workable to get you into the game, though.

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