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Probably work

I'm looking to get rid of some of my miniatures. Mostly a bunch of Cadian infantry and about 1500 points of Tau. It's all assembled and painted to various degrees of completion. I'm not an amazing painter, but I'm not the worst I've seen either.

With all of that in mind, and considering that I'm dealing with playable armies, is it better to sell it all off together, or sell it piecemeal in units? I'm kind of eager to just get rid of it all and not risk being stuck with a unit or two that's difficult to sell off, but at the same time, I'm not sure I'd want to do that if I might make more off the individual sales.

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Received wisdom used to be that you got more by selling units individually.

My experience is that things I expected a decent amount for went for 99p, while the 99p "just get rid" sometimes went for silly money.

No guarantees.
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Walking Dead Wraithlord

Piecemeal units, and expect equal to MSRP or less as far as a return on your models go.

Short of being an excellent painter, painted models generally sell for less than new ones (as people are going to strip them or re-do them anyway).

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

I'd avoid eBay all together if you could.

Stories like this one in the Guardian are more common, and it doesn't seem like eBay has any plans to change things in the short term.

I've recently stopped selling on eBay because I mainly sell collectibles and don't trust the site to protect my sales against fraudulent claims.

I'd be especially leery of selling a fully painted army.

Have you considered selling on Facebook or Bartertown?
Made in us
Confessor Of Sins


I would recommend using Bartertown as well.

 Ouze wrote:

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Made in us

Probably work

I guess I'll need to do it piecemeal then. I've honestly never looked at Bartertown before. I'll have to check that out.

Assume all my mathhammer comes from here: https://github.com/daed/mathhammer 
Made in ie
Calculating Commissar


You ideally want something like Bartertown, Facebook or Craigslist where you can hand stuff over in person, makes shipping a lot easier.

Beyond that, just fire everything on eBay, unit at a time, with like a $0.99 starting price and hope for the best. Some will go for a surprisingly high amount, some surprisingly low.

Selling full armies is harder - people don't usually have the money to buy 1500 points in one hit, or don't want all of it, etc.
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Dakka Veteran

Go to the facebook trading groups. You avoid all fees that ebay takes, you're secured through using paypal transactions and have admins that actually give a damn. and you can real time negotiate with people that are interested.
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Regular Dakkanaut


Never had a problem with ebay, try to sell to someone with high rate of approval to be safe. Or buy from them.^^

I trust more ebay than buy on facebook groups.

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Walking Dead Wraithlord

eBay is definitely the very worst for the seller though - I've almost quit the site numerous times due to issues, and that's with 700+ transactions over 10-15 years. eBay doesn't give a single feth about the seller, and is 150% for the buyer - including false claims and garbage.

The only plus side is that your audience on eBay is probably an order of magnitude greater than any of the other options.

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Dangerous Outrider

Also keep in mind that if you are not a current user that eBay will hold your money for something like 30 days.. as protection..

This happened to me a year back, I sold my numbered void shield generator and they held my money because my account had not
been used in a few years. Then it was a mess because the day it was to release, it didn't automatically release... so I had to call eBay
and papal.. both pointing fingers at each other..

I would say try here in Dakka swap shop..or batertown..

Made in us
Charging Orc Boar Boy

Midwest USA

This is a great thread. I too am looking to offload a bunch of wargaming models that I have either lost interest in or realized I won't ever have time for them. The tips are handy.

I'm surprised at the warnings AGAINST using eBay. I didn't want to use it myself because, but those are interesting thoughts if ones does use it.

Current projects:
- Ironjawz - Dispossessed - Homemade scenery 
Made in us
Legendary Dogfighter

McAllen, TX

being patient, selling well advance over time, I sold all but 2 units of my large dogs of war army over 4 years on ebay, some guy try to get the whole lot for 1k, I said that was well below the 2k sum I was seeking, in the end I estimated I got 2.5-3k after all ebay fees.

Definitely sell unit by unit, as far as those units that might not sell, try to group them with units that are popular.
Made in gb
Annoyance of Netlings


stroller wrote:
Received wisdom used to be that you got more by selling units individually.

My experience is that things I expected a decent amount for went for 99p, while the 99p "just get rid" sometimes went for silly money.

No guarantees.

I agree you can never guess what an item will actually go for but I always sell at the price I am willing to take for a item. Never start at 99p if you want to get £10 for the listing etc.

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Killer Klaivex

You'll make more money splitting it up. From my old days as a bulk ebay seller, I'd estimate it to be somewhere in the region of 10% for smaller lots to up to 25% for the largest ones. But then the flip side of the coin is that you vastly increase the amount of work necessary to package it up. Depends on what's more important to you, time or money.

Made in gb
Horrific Horror

Soviet UK

I sell quite a few models on eBay, very good pictures are a must, complete units , be honest about paint job I.e table top standard , or very good, pro painted is heavily overused and liable for a claim unless genuine pro painted.

Multiple photos and accurate condition description, also it goes without saying the title must say more than tau.... the unit and/or character.

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