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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi Everyone - first post hereach, though I've been lurking for years. After getting back into 40k after a five year hiatus, I thought I'd share my progress on my Death guard force - The Sons of Rust.

Here are the pox Walkers. I kind of envisioned them kinda like zombies, but the smiles on their faces made me feel there was a sadistic and malign intelligence - sort of beating their foes to death before feasting on their remains and transmitting the horrific virus.

And here are the Sons of Rust themselves - the plague marines.

And the last thing to be completed are the drones.

Currently working on the Lord and a few others. I did a tutorial on how I did the pox Walkers - it can be found on my community site here.

As for bases, I build them up all at once, and then remove the model from the plastic one and place it on the mostly finished one. I find it creates more continuity that way.

Anyway - let me know what you think!

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I just posted and I'm not sure if this site automatically resizes images or not. If not (I'm on my tablet) let me know and I'll resize everything appropriately.
[Thumb - 20170626_001938.jpg.4d2cff7277f0e2e41565051670c73208.jpg]
Pox Walkers 1

[Thumb - 20170626_002008.jpg.5c15838fdce3df62952edcfc53801145.jpg]
Pox Walkers 2

[Thumb - 20170626_002032.jpg.865f36c67ebc86d7669aa712c7ff292f.jpg]

[Thumb - 20170629_100723.jpg.a488647a77e8a02424e67220ea7ae04b.jpg]
Sons of Rust 1

[Thumb - 20170629_100638.jpg.70a0c41daea63ca6bc12902a97f7d0d6.jpg]
Sons of Rust 2

[Thumb - 20170629_100804.jpg.25ef967d448830454b34e52509c98d4a.jpg]
Command Front

[Thumb - 20170629_101006.jpg.319e5b50e7f110521873eca7db2cb9ba.jpg]
Command Back

[Thumb - 20170629_100857.jpg.87f2a9cb602a524454ee88e5c760e27a.jpg]
Troops front

[Thumb - 20170629_100927.jpg.61b64f319d07e6cfda899a08870370c8.jpg]
Troops Back

[Thumb - 20170630_162828.jpg.6e15bfb2903c40336e848c597bf5eafa.jpg]
Drones 1

[Thumb - 20170630_163049.jpg.0766fc3d06d5262394e975f19477ceac.jpg]
Drones 2

[Thumb - 20170630_162927.jpg.bb20e21506e8f46c7d33974f4c3b1ac9.jpg]
Drones back

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I do really fast commissions. You can see my pricing page here . PM me for details.  
Made in gb
Mysterious Techpriest

Welcome to Dakka!

Your images might be a bit large, took a while for them to load and resize.

But onto the models, I like your poxwalkers, I'm really not a huge fan of them but after seeing what they look like in a much darker paint job they look much more unnerving, big improvement over the default GW paint job.

The marines look pretty decent, i'm not normally a fan of drybrushing metallics but they've really added to the grimy look, nice work on the OSL it almost looks airbrushed.

Great work, keep posting!

Made in gb
Mighty Brass Scorpion of Khorne

Why Aye Ya Canny Dakkanaughts!

I'm still not a fan of the new DG line but these are some of the best paint jobs I've seen of the new models, definitely makes them look much better than the base GW ones. Good job!

Ghorros wrote:
The moral of the story: Don't park your Imperial Knight in a field of Gretchin carrying power tools.
 Marmatag wrote:
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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks guys. I think uploading the photos fixed the problem. I think it also might add the pictures to the gallery? Sorry... I'm very new to dakka - and our community forum is inboard, so I'm accessing my old php knowledge to figure all this out.

I do really fast commissions. You can see my pricing page here . PM me for details.  
Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

Nice work, and refreshing to see a non-GW-box-cover paint scheme. Lovely approach (and I don't even like the models!)
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks again. It's nice to try painting something different. I am mainly an Infinity gamer - so doing something grim-dark like this is refreshing.

I do really fast commissions. You can see my pricing page here . PM me for details.  
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