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Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

So besides my own small starter force, no one in my local meta plays Legion. Because of this, I have been pondering with the idea of dropping the Krea from my Skorne brick and replacing it with a Bellows Crew or two. The Krea is 7 points for ~7" bubble of +2 DEF & ARM against all range attacks. While it is a light warbeast and with a Drake nearby it can have a pretty decent bite, my current list does not feature a Drake and the Krea is really only there for the range protection. For 2 tiny points, the Bellows Crew can produce a large cloud each turn, and i can take 3 Bellows for the price of a single Krea and still have a point left for a Gobber Chef. So my question for the community is this; does anyone have any experience using a Bellows Crew and if so, can they effectively protect your heavies from range fire while they move up the board?
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Not as Good as a Minion


The drake is also a source of fury and, if you're on your last legs, a transfer target. So don't forget those two factors when you're weighing them up.

As for your idea, you'd be hard pressed to have a cloud wall up in front of your heavies, since you'll want to run early on and gobbers can't run and smoke. But the krea gives you access to 2+ bubbles (krea, warcaster and a cyclops shaman if you brought one for the list) which you won't outrun. So personally I'd lean krea over 3x gobber pairs, but if you could squeeze a gobber unit into the list then whoever they get with their smoke (like your caster) could be +4/+2 which is a nicer swing

I wish I had time for all the game systems I own, let alone want to own... 
Made in us
Purged Thrall


It's worth noting that bellows crews are FA:1 as well.

Don't forget your warlock can cast the kreas animus for more coverage too.
Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

While the Drake does have those benefits, i simply dont have room for one in my current list. I didnt not realize Bellows Crew were FA:1 tho, that breaks the deal. Oh well, thanks for the input.
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