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Made in gb
Brainy Zoanthrope

Lancashire, UK

Hi all,

I played a bit of Warmachine in Mk. II, but then had a long break for about five years or something. However, I'm now getting back into it and remembering why I enjoyed it so much I'm looking to expand my little Cygnar collection over the coming months, and was wondering what the Dakka community would recommend? All I've currently got on the to-buy list is a Defender ('cos Kara needs more ranged 'jacks in my collection) and Allison Jakes ('cos she looks like she'd be so much fun to paint).

So far, my swans include:

Kara Sloan
Markus Brisbane
Journeyman Warcaster
6 Stormblades
10 Long Gunners
Black 13
Ol' Rowdy

It'll be a slow course of additions too, partially due to a lack of hobby funds and partially due to my intentions to keep the army fully painted and only buy new models once I've painted the last ones

Oh, and FWIW I'll be playing mostly casual games with friends at our local wargaming club.



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Made in sg
Longtime Dakkanaut

I'd wait until the CID is over I guess cause a lot of things change during the CID.

You can take a look at the recent CID changes to see how much they changed certain casters in cygnar. Kraye for eg. had all his spells replaced by new spells and his feat replaced. Haley got hit with the nerf stick even more

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Made in us
Devestating Grey Knight Dreadknight

You'll want the to get the UAs for both the Long gunners and Storm Blades. There are also some new ATGM type units/solos you may be interested in (I don't play swans so I'm unsure of names).
Made in us
Satyxis Raider

Seattle, WA

Not sure if the CIS will affect them much, but stormlances seem to be the new hotness in Mk-3

If you had a long break then there is a lot of new things for you to look at and enjoy. But it also looks like you got a solid start right now. Same as mk2, though. Start with your caster of choice and then go find out what works with them.

Welcome back and good luck!
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