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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

First round results. 3 round tourney at Gamers Paradise in Prairieville, LA
Using NOVA format

4 undefeated players

Brian Begnaud - Chaos (3057 max points)
Jacob Wells - Astra Militarum (3054) From Alabama ironically
Will Grant - Chaos (3051)
George Morgan - Salamanders Astartes (3037)

28 players entered, and one didn't show up so we had 13 tables with a buy slot.

If anyones interested in the lists give me a yell.

I placed 15th with my nids after a very good start (perfect score first game). George managed to beat me by one point in the last game because I thought he couldn't shoot my last malanthrope. This gave him 2 points for his marked for death secondary and got him in the top 4 but it was a very close game.

We are planning on doing 3 more tournies and totaling up the points for a champion. Next ones in October. I actually got highest SoS score so I'm not too disappointed with my results overall. Considering what I was going up against with the army I took, I don't think it would have been possible to do much better.

What I learned:
Failing catalyst is absolutely a game looser for you. If you don't fail however, Swarmlord is a seriously tough mofo. On my first two games he made something like 30 FNP saves with catalyst and the warlord trait.
Barbed heirodules are not competitively point costed but are very good models if used properly. I didn't utilize one of them properly the second game and it hurt me big time against necrons.
Swarms of 1 wound models will win you game if you can give them cheap heavy weapons, I just think those lists are boring to play.

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