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Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Elverson, PA

Hey guys, I've been out of the hobby for...7 years now? My finances have just cleared enough that I can start modeling again, and I'm back with a new Space Marine army. They are an Imperial Fist successor, the name is the Sons of Volundr. I'm going with a bone colored armor, with blue for the knee pads and trim. My painting skills weren't masterful the first time around, and I've had 7 years of skill rust on top of that, so these first batches of models are going to be basic tabletop, and I can go back and work on them again later.

I started this blog to both get feedback on where I can improve, and to keep me on track with progress. I've been sitting on these guys since July, and don't even have a full squad finished.

But on to what I have and where it currently is:

I picked up the Dark Imperium box, a tactical squad, a sternguard squad, the "start collecting" box, and a predator tank. Couple of units aren't shown due to me forgetting about them (oops)

The first combat squad. Hoping to have them done today. Based with Corax White (spray can), and the layer is Ushabti Bone, with Teclis Blue for the trim and aquilla, Leadbelcher and Stormhost Silver cover the metals. The weapons are Abaddon Black, with Leadbelcher for the mags/barrels, and Mephiston Red for the grips. I'm using Agrellan Earth for the bases, with a wash of Nuln Oil when it dries.

Also hoping to finish these guys today as well. It's the other half of the tac squad

1st squad of Primaris Intercessors. These were the first models I primes and painted, so they look a wee bit worse than the others.

2nd Squad of Intercessors

Hellblaster squad. I'm going to hold off on painting these guys until I improve, and get more paints for highlights and such.

And the last picture is of my Ancient. Painted the background of the banner, and most of him (still have to do the gun)

EDIT: Apparently my spelling is atrocious when I have a 1-year old on my lap. Oops.

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Bane's P&M Blog, pop in and leave a comment
 feeder wrote:
Frazz's mind is like a wiener dog in a rabbit warren. Dark, twisting tunnels, and full of the certainty that just around the next bend will be the quarry he seeks.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Welcome back to the hobby. Looks like you are coming out of the gate swinging. Keep it up!
Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Elverson, PA

After months of loitering, I finally took stock of what I'm currently working on, and am slowly chugging along. These pics are a bit old, but I didn't have the time to sit down and do a big update. I ditched the custom chapter, as I ended up hating the colors I picked, and went back to Crimson Fists, who I played in 4th Ed. This is where I was as of a week ago with my Astartes:

Gravis and Terminator Captains:


Primaris Librarian and Apothecary:

My Chaplain:

Sternguard Squad:

Venerable Dread (I accidentally glued his legs on backwards, debating on breaking it off and fixing it. If anyone has suggestions on how to do so without ruining the model, that would be great):

Primaris Ancient:

Intercessor Squad A:

Intercessor Squad B:

Tac Squad A, Combat Squad 1:

Combat Squad 2:

Tac Squad B, Combat Squad 1:

Combat Squad 2:




I also have a bit of Necromunda going on, but I won't post that here (yet), as it's also my submission for the Dakka Painting Challenge this month.

I'm working on my shading and highlights, but my skills are weak, and I've temporarily given up on magnetizing the infantry models. That will come at a later date. I have a tournament in 2 weeks, and alot of time off between then and now, so I'm going to lock myself in my office and knock out at least 3 or 4 models a day to a basic standard (I've already begun, but no new photos yet). Feel free to drop a comment, or a inspirational quote, or criticism. I'll take what I can get.

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Bane's P&M Blog, pop in and leave a comment
 feeder wrote:
Frazz's mind is like a wiener dog in a rabbit warren. Dark, twisting tunnels, and full of the certainty that just around the next bend will be the quarry he seeks.

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