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Thought about starting it, i haven't read the rules, but i know it plays a bit like the old Whfb. Also saw some vids on youtube about it and it seems kinda fun.

My questions are, what do i need for starting?

Rulebook (or only pdf for start)

Figures (or can i use all Figures, don't like the minis from mantic that much)

I have a lot of 40k Daemons, some Aos figures (mostly bloodbound, some Flesheaters, some stormcast), a small horde army (legion of everblight), lots of d&d figures (unpainted from the boardgames), a lot or reaper minis and i think that's it =).

Hope i can use them.

Also i don't know which army i should choose. Is there an army that can play a lot of monsters (i like monster-mash lists a lot), but not ogres (don't like them).

If my models are on roundbases, are there movement trails were i can place them for the game or do i have to rebase everything?

What's the most common gaming size and how many figures do i need for it?

Hope you can help me a bit .
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KoW has been a godsend when WHFB became a bloated mess of rules. The armies are all fairly balanced. Just download the free rules and although you only get a few basic lists, you can find almost all the options on the great army builder kow2.easyarmy.com

We use a big mix of minis and manufacturers, so anything goes. My sons have a few big monsters they like, so we just use the points, stats and rules for whatever they want (This huge Cave troll will use the rules and such for a Infantry regiment, etc.) if there are no suitable rules, but a lot has been added over the last few years.

I suggest some smaller games to start, maybe 1200-1500 just to get the rules and mechanics down. The one aspect that will take some getting used to is multi-basing where you do not remove single models as damage is taken. This way as long as the size (footprint) is correct, your troop/regiment/horde, etc. does not have to have the exact number of models. This allows you to make some great unit fillers!

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Sounds good .

Okay i will download the rules and read a bit, maybe a get a better understanding for everything =).

Thanks for the fast repley ^^.
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Reaper and D&D miniatures are great sources of heroes and monsters for KoW, and maybe even some ranked units if you get creative in some cases.

Also note that you can have up to 25% of your army as allies from other lists (provided that you don't mix units from good en evil factions in the same army), so it's easy to use some models to create a small allied detachment if you d'ont have enough (yet ?) for a whole army.

In KoW, depending on what units you have, GW daemons can make great Abyssals or Night Stalkers (the last one is an army of transdimensionnal nightmare creatures that was added in the Uncharted Empires supplement)

Stormcast have in fact a lot of perfect correspondances in the Ogre army, so if your problem with ogres was the models and not the gameplay and you like Stormcasts, then it's an option (use Ogre chariots for the big stormcast cavalry, and if you want the flying stormcasts, use allied elohis (angels) from the Basilean list)

For models on round bases, just put them on an unit tray with the appropriate dimension for the complete unit, and for monsters and heroes you are even allowed to use a bigger base than required if the model is too big.
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As long as the unit footprint is right and the models make the stats and description believable, then use what you like.

I made movement trays with magnetic sheet (I have coins or washers under my bases) and put the same daemons I use for 40k and AoS on them for KoW.

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