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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey guys. I'm looking at getting into warmahords, and I like the look of Circle. My question to you all, is the army box worth it? It has like 6 big models and some stone pillars. knowing nothing about what they do in the game, I could use some direction. I'm slightly skeptical that I can make a decent army out of it, 6 models and some stones don't seem like much of an army at first glance. My buddies all play between 50-75 pts. Any info is appreciated, I am super noob to the game so don't hold back with the no brainer info. Thanks guys!
Made in gb
Swift Swooping Hawk

On a strictly 'value' basis it's not too bad but not certain that translates into playability, all the models are playable but 'better' options exist, eg

1) Ghetorix (axe wolf) is good but mono-focussed on smashing, Loki, another Warpwolf, whilst not quite as smashy has a bag of tricks that more than make up for it

2) The Griffons in the box are mostly likely the weakest of the three types of Griffon, although if your opposition is not fanatically obsessed with wysiwyg you could play them as any sort

3) Kromac is interesting, but to me doesn't have the trixiness of other Circle casters, he's frighteningly good at smashing but thats pretty much all he does

Standing Stones, despite getting toned down in mk3 are still an excellent toolbox unit, the other Warpwolfs are likewise good

That said it is a 50pt army in a box, add in some infantry units and you'd have a 75pt (usual default for games) army

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Focused Fire Warrior

It's a solid start, but I'd go with another army if its your first one. Warmachine/Hordes is a hard game to learn, its very complex and intricate, and Circle is perhaps the hardest of the factions to play really well. That being said, the Circle army that comes in that box, with a few additions, will make a decent Kromac list for tourny level play. It's a solid smash-face beast brick
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