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Sack of Flesh & Bones


I'm a new player, but I'm close to having 2k points. I'd like to find some tournaments around the Dallas, TX area. What is the best place to find tournaments? Are there any websites that most people use? Thanks!
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Sack of Flesh & Bones


Dang, no one?
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Potent Possessed Daemonvessel

I mean, you can look on here, the best coast pairings app also lists tournaments that are coming up if they are using the app. Beyond that it is about finding local stores/clubs, finding out if they have web sites or facebook pages that list events and such.
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Krazed Killa Kan

State of Jefferson

Dallas should be a great resource for finding tourneys. I suspect there are multiple FLGS in that area. In fact, I know there are because my buddy used to live there. My recommendation is go to each FLGS with you army looking for a pick up game on Saturdays / Sundays. Chat up the owners and look for fliers. Likely there's even a Facebook group for Dallas 40k fans.

For major GTs they are frequently posted on this thread. Additionally frontline, I think, keeps a running list of ITC tourneys. www.frontlinegaming.org

Hope that helps. See you in the trenches... when my orks are overrunning them...
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Deranged Necron Destroyer

I'd also ask your peeps. When I felt I was ready to do some local tournaments I asked some of my friends who had been playing for awhile if they were aware of anything local and of course they knew of a couple. Best to ask your friends I think only because the ones you see listed here tend towards being the really big ones (like NOVA, LVO, etc). I regularly attend a monthly tournament about an hour from my club which usually runs 3 rounds with an average of 10 players showing up. After I did that for a couple of months I felt more prepared for NOVA.
Made in us
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

The OP touches on an interesting point. Game store owners don't really advertise their events to the greater community. I've never understood this. Why limit earning potential to regular customers only? IMO, I think this is one of the dominant reasons why so many games stores fail - they don't bother to market themselves.
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