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Rhein Main Gebiet

I just got this, I was extra excited to see the 'No Quarter' collection. Sadly, it was not the No Quarter collection I was thinking it would be.

Still, I have been meaning to get the Monster Manual and the Skorne book for a while now, so the decision to get this was not too hard.

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Runs till Nov 7 or so, $15 for the whole enchilada.

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Monstrous Master Moulder

I've been meaning to look into this one actually! I hear Warmahordes has a really balanced ruleset. Setting looks amazing as well.

Will the primers be enough to get started? Do you need to buy army books in a similar way as 40k codexes?

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Swift Swooping Hawk

WARMACHINE: Prime and HORDES: are two versions of the basic rule book. Either one is enough. The rules are also available for free download.

Apart from that, you'll need the rules for the models you're going to play. Those can be downloaded for free at http://cards.privateerpress.com/. Alternatively you can download the WarRoom 2 app.

Other than that, you'll need models, at least about 5 six-sided dice, a tape measure with inches on it, potentially card sleeves and a marker, templates (spray and blast, also printable from the rulebook I think) and some tokens to represent resources and effects.

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Thanks to this offer, a Battlegroup box now costs $21 instead of $40 from the official store - just go in at the $1 level for a 50% off voucher.

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