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I... actually don't know. Help?

I'm buying an Airborne starting box tomorrow and here's a list I've thought of. All choices are veteran.

Free Forward Observer

Vet First Lieutenant + 1 Soldier

Paratroop section, 8 soldiers plus NCO plus LMG

Paratroop section, 8 soldiers plus NCO plus LMG

Paratroop section, 9 soldiers plus NCO(SMG), 2 extra SMGs, Anti Tank grenades

MMG Team

Light Mortar Team

Medium Mortar Team, Spotter

Sniper Team

Boys anti-tank Team


QF 6-pdr AT Gun

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Interesting with just the AT gun for a heavy hitter.
Have you fielded this? How did the list perform?

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I'm assuming you are using the Market Garden list? It lets you take 2 mortars but not 2 AT teams (the 6 pounder doesn't count towards this) so I'm afraid you'll only be able to take either the boys or the PIAT team, not both. I would suggest that you upgrade the light mortar to a second medium mortar if/when you can. I have never really found the light mortar to be that good. The 2 medium mortars would help you put pins on any vehicles you come across and effectively take them out of action.

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The Wolves will always come to heel when called. In that regard, it is a mystery why they name themselves wolves. They are tame, collared by the Emperor, obeying his every whim. But a wolf doesn’t behave that way. Only a dog does.
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