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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Alrighty, I have a Bolt Action game coming up next month here in Las Vegas and would like to post my list and ask for advice. It is going to be 550 points per player, featuring Japanese vs. Russians in 1945 Manchuria.

Here is my Japanese list:

1 Regular 2nd Lieutenant +1 infantry 60 points
12-man Regular infantry squad, LMG, light mortar 168 points
12-man Regular infantry squad, LMG, light mortar 168 points
1 Regular sniper team 50 pounts
1 Inexperienced suicide anti-tank team 14 points
1 Regular type 95 Ha-Go light tank 90 points

Thank you for any and all input, advice, and criticism.
Made in us
Heroic Senior Officer

Murray, Kentucky

What's the idea behind the Ha-Go? In my experience Japanese tanks tend to be a bit meh.

I'd almost wonder if you'd be better served just getting more infantry, as the Ha-Go's one man turret rule can be pretty brutal at times and that light tank armor makes it weak to even AT rifles, something Soviets can bring in pretty frightening numbers. Perhaps your own AT rifle team and an MMG, or more suicide AT rifles and a medium mortar or something along those lines.

That said if you've got a way to make a Ha-Go work for you by all means go ahead, I usually play Germans, Soviets, and USMC so I kind of have a hard time getting excited about any Japanese tank.

'I've played Guard for years, and the best piece of advice is to always utilize the Guard's best special rule: "we roll more dice than you" ' - stormleader

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I have the Ha-Go in the list because I have it, and I think it is cute I've never played my Japanese before, so I am curious to see how it works.

With that said, I will consider some alternates.
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